Not a drop to drink

The success of various Zombie TV shows took the entertainment industry by surprise.  Zombies up until then had been the exclusive preserve of horror movies and aficionados of that genre.  Certainly they weren’t mainstream, indeed the comic book that the original series was based on couldn’t be called anything other than niche.  But one brave TV executive changed that and had other TV networks scrambling to find the next big Post Apocalyptic blockbuster.   Parasol TV was no different and asked for interested parties to send in pitches with the promise of a pilot and hopefully a series afterwards.

Many aspiring independent production studios sent in pitches, but the one that that was successful was sent in by the remnants of what had once been the mighty 7TV writing team desperate to get to the land of milk and honey that is American TV.  It opened thus:

The year is 2072 and the climate apocalypse has destroyed the world that you or I know.  Rising sea levels, encroaching deserts and vanishing polar ice caps have resculpted our planet into something more akin to a world from one of those tired science fiction shows that they used to make, only this is reality.

That would be bad enough, but the pollution that our ancestors poured into the oceans in the form of waste and plastics have destroyed that eco system as well and turned what remains into a hazardous sea of death.

However like the tenacious cockroach, humankind clings on.  The vast cities of the past may just be ruins but all around the globe small enclaves of people exist, trade and of course war with each other in an attempt to control an ever reducing pool of resources.  But its not oil or power that is the driving force for these conflicts.  Nope its the very nectar of life itself, water, honest to goodness, good clean drinking water.

The show was pitched as a multi year concept with each season focusing on a different set of protagonists.

Season one featured the adventures of a young woman known internally as Panzer Girl and her troupe of robots (each of which was programmed with a personality lifted from earlier TV shows – producers particularly liked the Medic Bot who was based on Dr Howser)  Her opposite numbers were a group of slavers led by a man known only as The Beast and over the 13 episodes of the season their complicated relationship would be the narrative thread that pulled the show together.

Of course this being Hollywood when the show failed to find an audience it was cancelled after only 8 episodes – the remaining 5 had been filmed but didn’t see the light of day until the inevitable DVD release and later cult following that the show developed when the creators went onto bigger and better things.

Its lasting legacy however was boost it gave in the public consciousness for at least two news cycles of the very real threat of climate change and thats not really a bad legacy for a show to have.


Emotional Detachment

So, what I should be painting is the stuff I need to use as 7TV Day 3 next month, or making some of the terrain for it.

Or sorting out some more Nighthaunt to get done for our Tales of AoS Gamers thingy.

What I actually find myself doing is sorting through Warhammer 40k stuff with a mind to play Apocalypse. I wrote about Apoc a bit ago and having now read through the rules and some of the cards, it does get my juices flowing.

What is really getting me fired up is the ability of have detachments of differing armies from within the Imperium. A long time back, when we were playing Epic40k a lot, I had a narrative in my head of an Inquisition led Crusade that would allow me to have a bit of everything that was cool (not necessarily good!). I believe the kids these days refer to it as a ‘soup army’.

Well…….soup is back on the menu, boys! (And girls etc)

Unsurprisingly, I have quite a bit of 40k stuff and most of it sits within the Imperial armies. Some bits of Deathwatch, some bits of Sisters of Battle, some bits of Grey Knights, some Death Korps of Krieg, some Knights etc etc.

The nice thing about Apocalypse is that the detachment rules allow you to field each of these as a little self contained force, making up the bigger army. It almost certainly won’t be optimal as the use of the command assets favours having an army all of the same type but it does allow me to build my narrative based idea. It also means that I can get some variation in what I paint too.

Yes, I have other things that need painting. I did start on some Nighthaunt, have decided on the colours so can crack on (although I need some liquid green stuff for the gaps). I have started my 7TV stuff and have base colours on them all.

But for today, it’s Apocalypse that has got me thinking…….

Fools Tale – Khorne Month Two

Long time readers of this blog will have a pretty good idea of how this post is going to go.

  • He starts off with grandiose visions and then falls woefully short.

  • Anyone who believed that he would do a Tale of N Gamers was just deluding themselves.

  • Almost certainly the Xbox has called him away so no modelling this month

  • There was some new shiny

Ha well in your face 🙂

OK well not totally in your face as I didn’t do what I said I was going to do and I haven’t stuck to the rules but I have made what I would call ‘significant progess’ on this project.  And the derailment totally wasn’t my fault.  OK it was a little but why quibble about that.

What happened is that through a couple of second hand deals I was able to secure every model that I needed at a fraction of the retail cost which meant that I had a huge sea of grey plastic just calling out to me to be assembled.  Which is basically what I didIMG_4879.jpeg

This lot left me with just a Bloodthirster to build and it would have been wrong not to.  So I did.  Oh and I changed one of the skull cannons into a Blood Throne using some spare parts that I had. The next stage was the great base sanding of 2019 which left the army looking like this.  Almost playable right.


Finally I got through two and a bit cans of red spray paint to finish the month with a lot of red toy soldiers.


Now I do need to go back over them to touch up some areas where the overhangs prevented the spray from getting to the plastic but this is pretty much an army ready for the next stage.

So Month Two tasks are to ink wash everything (depending on how this looks I may do a heavy drybrush of a more orangey red as well) , paint the bases grey and then think about what other two colours I am going to put on the models – at the moment I am drawn towards using yellow rather than gold / brass, mainly cause I think it will look pretty cool.


We have candy

Sorry about the radio silence for the last few days, MAGE was this past weekend and it consumed quite a bit of my time which coupled with the fact that the school holidays have arrived means that I have been slack.  Come on, its not like you aren’t used to it.

I will write up a longer MAGE report at another date (Saturday is just a blank, literally) but on the Sunday I thought that I would use the opportunity to rope a few more people into playing 7TV.

Which proved to be a success beyond anything I could have hoped as I’ve got 4 or 5 new players into the game and generated a few extra signups for the forthcoming 7TVDay3.

All good things.

But of course its 7TV so you need to come up with a cast and a show for that cast to be involved in – I was really pushing the whole make up your own story aspect during the demos as thats the thing that really appeals to me about the game and I have to say that the lovely folks have taken that to heart.   So without further ado here are a few of the cast ideas that have been knocked around since the weekend.

Connor Truby

Southern U.S. sponsors wanted a cowboy in space soap which supported the Confederate ideals. They came up with Gettysborough. It didn’t get any traction in the UK under 7TV so they cancelled before the end of the first season. It now has a cult following.
Star – Martin Reynolds – Tough Detective 10
Co-star – Chloe Clean– Angel of Justice -6
Co-star – Andara Sarah – Plucky Assistant 5
Extra – Jenny Dob – Survivalist 4
Extra – Simone Tim – Doctor 1
Extra – Ivan Clean- Scientist 2
Extra – Preacher Scroll – administrator 2
Extra – Rider Tim – Ninja 4
Extra – Kylie Fry- Scientist 2
Van – 4

Cathy Winton

“Freedom Ridge” was a later spin off from the hugely popular “The Lawman” (which was cancelled mid-run after a scandal hit involving its star). Both were westerns – Freedom Ridge tried to cash in on the rising feminist movement by having female stars in traditionally male roles in the early 70s but eventually all the protests from groups on all sides led to that too being cancelled. An idea before it’s time sadly….. maybe another re-boot is due?


I need to refine my narrative but basically my story so far is a t.v. station wanted to make a drama about the Druids of Morne, who were a real life sect that lived on a remote island but the worship of the Druids died out years ago. The station hired a local historian who lived on Morne as a creative consultant without realising she was an ancient and powerful druid. Within a few months she had brainwashed and converted many of the actors and crew to become part of her cult. Plus raised a few demons……

I love the creativity that has gone into these, even just in the couple of days since being introduced to the game.  I also love the fact that loads of my friends are going to be playing my favourite game which means I don’t just have to play Matt 🙂

As for me my next cast is coming along nicelyIMG_4864.jpeg

Fools Tale – Got to get into the spirit of this!

Slightly late getting this sorted but had to move house and find where I’d packed things!

For our Age of Sigmar challenge, I’m doing Nighthaunt. Ghosts and s**t.

I’ve really liked the models for the ghosty stuff that GW started doing and didn’t need much of a push to start another army. Hopefully this one will get painted. I’d already got a load of Death stuff from Mike in one of our miniature swapping roundabouts that we often do but wasn’t overly struck on doing a load of skellingtons so when the Nighthaunt stuff came out, I figured that was for me.

There’s no rhyme of reason to the boxes pulled out of the pile but it comes to £98.50 retail.

Gonna try some of the new hotness too. Contrast paints, hoping it will make the floaty bits look nice…….

Also been distracted following our 7TV day with preparing crews for the upcoming 7TV day 3 in September at Board in Brum. Have settled on a cast…….watch this space!

A Fools Tale – Mark

As we wait for Matt to write a post about his entry into The Fools Tale (promised for about the past three weeks) I’ve received another entry from our friend Mark Sheppard. So over to Mark

“Hello and welcome to another episode… ah no that’s not right”

“Hello, I’m Mark and this will be my first ever blog” No too formal…

How about just “Alright there”

Yeah that’ll do.

Anyway enough of that, I’m Mark a long forgotten friend of The Fools Daily band of misfits, I have come here to annihilate, NO ummm… do a blog post for this Fools Daily get into Age of Sigmar thingy, A Fools Tale I think is what is being bounded around.

I’m doing Gloomspite Gitz, well I literally picked up a load of models for them a few days before Mike announced they were doing this, so I put my hand up saying “let me join in please” mainly in the hope that if there was an end goal, that end goal for me being… getting a fully painted army as I haven’t had one of those in quite some years.

We’ve got £100 for the first month and £75 for the subsequent months. I have a budget to stick too… really. Well that went out of the window straight away as I have quite a few things bought already, but I thought about it and I think I’ll just paint up £100 for the first month then carry on from there. Here’s my first months purchases:

LoonBoss: £17.50

2 boxes of Stabbas: £45

Boingrot Bounderz: £30

Total: £92.50

So, as you can see I’ve got £7.50 extra to take into the next month.

Currently I’m working on the Boingrot Bounderz and mainly going to be painting with Contrast paints but with the added normal method of painting thrown in where needs be.


As for knowing the rules of AoS, I’ve dabbled a few times with Ogres and Idoneth Deepkin, so I have a pretty good understanding of the 4-page document, Oh and the other 5-8 books you have to carry around nowadays LOL. Joking aside It’s a pretty easy game to get the hang of once you know your army’s capabilities. But of course, the first few games will be a mishmash of forgetting artefacts and command abilities etc etc.

Think that’s enough from me, I’m going to try to get a blog post every month but in the mean time I’m on twitter as @Gorillawizard where I shall post pics of my painting progress.

Episode 359 – Epic

adeptus_titanicus_boardgamegeek.jpgIn which Mike and Matt finally finish off the big box game discussion that they have been having with a chat about Epic and its various forms over the years. If I am honest I can’t remember what we actually talked about in this episode , other than the fact its about Epic, as it was recorded quite a few weeks ago when we lost in the cricket to Australia at Lords. Of course this was a blessing in disguise as we then went on to beat India, smash the Aussies out of sight in the semi final and then in a glorious display of cricketing prowess (or a lucky deflection off Ben Stokes bat), went on to win the World Cup for the very first time. But you probably aren’t listening to these for cricket discussions, more likely you are here for gaming chat. Well as I said, you get some of that, just not sure what form it takes.


Direct Link:

Episode 358 – 7TV Pulp!

7TV-Pulp-Box.jpgIn which Mike and Matt have a discussion about the wonder that is 7TV as they went to a Pulp based event over the weekend. And yes they did about as well as they normally do but with 7TV thats completely irrelevant as narrative wins the day.

So tune in to hear the thrilling adventures of Dr Möbius and his robotic minions along with tales of the nefarious activities of crime boss Vincenzo Moretti. Learn how crime seemingly doesn’t pay, how Captain America accidentally fell off a ship and how Matt has developed both a fear of hand grenades and a love of IKEA furniture.

A more reprehensible bunch of ne’er-do-wells you have never seen

If you are inspired by what you hear then you can read more about our adventures on the tabletop in blogs by Andy Boscombe and Kieron Mulholland which give you a great insight into the mindset of the 7TV community.

I wish I had found them 20 years ago for they are my people.

Direct Link:

A Fools Tale, The Lee Cut

This will be my first blog for the Fools Tale and my first blog on Fools Daily.

As Mike said we’re looking at starting new army’s for AoS and going to record our progress, so I thought a quick potted history in AoS would be a good way to start. To date I’ve played 5 full games of AoS 2 and a mess about the week after AoS was first released (now over 4 years ago!) so I’m not really the most experienced in making lists for this system, and to be fair like Mike blogged about  I didn’t find it very easy to get my head round the whole how to build lists thing.

Now working out the battle line and adding up the points cost isn’t hard, but I found the battalions and artefacts and command traits not very clear, but to be fair both of the battle tomes I choose are from AoS1 and the first one I ever tried to read was the Disciples of Tzeentch which has since been FAQ’ed to death 🙂

I managed to paint an undead army (Legion of Nagash) because at least the book made kind of sense, which I took to the small event that Matt spoke about in the “It’s a wonderful Life” I had a lot of help with the artefacts, command traits and spells from Mr Ben Crowe after I had chosen the models I was going to use (most of which were what I had or could finish painting in a week) and on the drive home with Matt and the boy Rory we talked about maybe starting different armies.

Now I have always had a  tendency to paint darker tones and I struggle to make models look bright, so I had had an eye on Tzeentch models as they seemed to demand being nice and bright .  Also I’m looking at trying something new to paint after all painting 40 skellies in 3 days made me want nice bright colours!

Later that week I think Mike came up with the idea of the tales so looking at what I ordered and the model I got for Father’s Day I’ve already got around £187.50 of models so I don’t need to buy anything for another couple of months (like it will stop me getting more)

  • Curseling, Eye of Tzeentch £15.00
  • Tzaangor Shaman£20.00
  • Start Collecting! Daemons of Tzeentch£55.00
  • Blue Horrors & Brimstone Horrors£20.00
  • Tzaangor Enlightened£22.50
  • Kairic Acolytes£30.00
  • Tzaangors£25.00

Now I have to be honest and say I’m a good week and a bit ahead of Mike and I’ve built and undercoated a lot of the models and I’ve started painting so I will post again soon to show some progress




Note posted by Mike but written by Mr Lee Battrick.