When it’s good, it’s very good……

….but other times it’s f##cking awful.


For many of us, the hobby is what makes us smile and gives a purpose to those slivers of time that we are not working, sorting out the kids, doing chores, doing DIY, pretending to enjoy socialising with the other half’s friends and all the mundane things in life. 

Nothing is more satisfying than the buzz of starting a new crew/team/army/force for a rule set, whether it’s one that you know and love or something new. 

And there’s nothing worse than losing hobby mojo. 

There are many reasons, some of which we have discussed during our waffle. Whether falling out of love with a favoured rule set, loss of regular gaming buddy or being disenfranchised by what you read on FB forums. 

For those of us that suffer with depression, anxiety, PD or any number of other mental health issues it can also be a warning bell. Losing motivation to do the things you enjoy is a common sign of a depressive episode and for us loony hobbyists can be the start of a cycle that is hard to break. 

‘I don’t want to play cos I feel like crap and can’t deal with people and because I haven’t played or seen my mates I feel like crap’. 

Social media can be a double edged sword. Easy and non-personal contact with other hobby people is great. Seeing the bad side of gamer’s attitudes and net-listing can be bad. 

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a gaming buddy that can always pull you out of the murk whether with infectious enthusiasm for something new or (in the case of my best mate), a face that looks damn funny. 

Time to get back on it…..

Been a while since I came in your eyeholes, sorry about that.


First off….yes I did get the tau all done and then couldn’t go to the event due to a family issue. Joel, Lee and Mike all paid up promptly and I sat comfortably on my moral high ground (well, I may have left it until 72 hrs before the event to crack on but still finished the blighters)


While they were in the ‘planning stage’ (more like the denial phase) Knight Models released the 2nd Edition of the Batman Miniatures Game. There are new crews in resin and streamlined and updated rules. I have been looking for something to replace Malifaux as my low model count crew type game so I worked hard (wasn’t hard) to get Mike excited about wanting to play.


He has gone for the Joker and Harley Quinn and I’ve chosen Bane but I am fairly sure that we will have a few varying gangs……

The tournament scene for BMG seems quite southern-centric and small but active. Looks like the FD wagon will be hitching itself to this for next year.

The rules are available for free as a download from Knight Models (as are the model cards) and have been updated a couple of times due to errata and updates. They seem good so watch this space and hopefully we’ll do some recording soon.

MAGE II – The Butterfly Games

So every year I try and run a event at my house that caters to both the lighter side of gaming and the whole social thing. You can see in the picture the bunch of reprobates that came to this years event. In the past these have all been Malifaux related, but as the spread of games that I play on a semi regular basis has expanded I wanted to expand what MAGE does as well – it does stand for Mikes Annual Gaming Extravaganza after all – and thus I have come up with the concept of the Butterfly Games.

Now I will be the first to admit that this isn’t a fully fleshed idea yet – I haven’t even booked the hall yet – but the rough plan is that there will be 7 rounds over the two days and each round will be for a different game. There will be things like jokers to give you double points in a game and the ability to skip a round if its a game you really don’t want to play but knowing the folks who come to these sort of events (bunch of try hards they are) I can’t see much skipping occurring. Miss out on points, not likely 😀

The games I am considering at the moment are

  • Malifaux
  • Guildball
  • Open Combat
  • Batman
  • Dragon Rampant
  • Dead Mans Hand
  • Gaslands

Throw in a couple of big multi player games (Zombicide has a lot of fun potential) and you get a decent gaming weekend. Well I think its a decent gaming weekend anyway.

If this even sounds vaguely interesting to you then please let me know so that when I firm more stuff up I can let you know. Also if there is a game that you think should be on the list that I have forgotten about, then let me know that as well, as I say its all still very fluid.

Until next time, I’ve been Mike

Its been a while

Its been a while since I posted here so I thought I would take some time out to provide an update on whats been going on in ConradLand. August 10th was my last update. Despite wanting to paint my Bolt Action stuff, there has been a complete halt on all things painting recently. This has changed as of today! This week I tidied and dusted the painting table and today I finished 3 BA British Infantry figures that had been waiting for those last bits to do. When I say I have finished them, I mean I have finished painting the figures. They still need to be sealed and based. I’m now on to the next 3 figures and once these are done, the 2nd British Infantry platoon will be complete (apart from basing which I will do together as a platoon), leaving me with my Commandoes to paint and a Medium Mortar team. I have base coated my vehicles and put an Army Painter dark tone wash on them so they are good enough for now. Once I have finished the infantry I can go back and highlight and weather these vehicles. There are 2 universal carriers, 1 Cromwell tank and 1 Humber  Armoured Car. That will be 1000pts of painted British Infantry done and I still want to complete this by the end of the year. I don’t believe my EpicA marines will get done this year (again) but if I achieve my Bolt Action goal for 2017, then this will be a biggy for me as it will be another completely painted force. I’ve not done many of these in my time painting – Cygnar Warmachine faction, Malifaux Resser Crew, Arcanist Crew and Relic Knights Black Diamonds and an orc blood bowl team are the only things that spring to mind. I’ve got paint on other stuff, but nothing more where a list is complete (to play with) so whenever I do something like this, its a big deal for me.


During August I took part in a 4 way (fnaagh) game of Bolt Action, 2 vs 2, Italians/Germans vs British Paras and British Infantry. This was a 2000 pt game with 2x1000pt lists on each side. The game took something like 6 hours to play and an hour for deployment. There was the usual banter and chat and lunch too but it was a long day where I did a lot of standing. What is it with wargamers and standing even when there are seats about? I remember going home and realising that my calf muscles were aching. This was a great game with many cinematic moments (as is always the case with BA) and unfortunately for the free world, the axis defeated the allies in this game.


As previously mentioned, I’m building my Adeptus Mechanicus force for 40k. I’ve had a few games using my gaming buddy Nick’s Space Wolves and I love 40k 8th edition. With the imminent release of the new codex, I decided to not complete building some of the kits that I am in the middle of constructing basically because I want to know what weaponry to add to these models based on the new codex. As such my destroyers and castellans are weaponless. I managed to get 749pts built and as luck would have it one of my other gaming buddies (Jay), needed a walk through of the new 40k rules with his Tau.


I took Jay through the game and rules playing the basic scenario. This was the first time I had played with my Ad Mech and this was the first time Jay had played with his Tau and 40k! Of course all I am doing here is setting the scene to tell you all that I got my arse whooped good and proper by Jay’s Tau. It was still a good game but it made me realise how different the basic 40k scenario was compared to the full blown Match Play scenarios complete with objectives and it urged me on to my next Ad Mech model, the Dunecrawler, again without weapons as yet!



I’m looking forward to the Adeptus Mechanicus codex coming out so that I can finally have some closure on these Ad Mech figures in terms of construction and weaponry.

One other thing that I have managed to do is to play a few games of Mythos using the first 2 scenarios in the rule book. I played these against my gaming buddy Nigel who plays The Hidden Ones. Both games have been fun with some classic moments like Professor Zachary Lazarus blowing up after a failed Mythos Test! In both games Zeus has been an early casualty in the game so I need to protect him a lot more. Like Malifaux AP is king in this game and losing a model reduces a resource (called Mythos) and loses your APs which means you can do less. As these scenarios are objective based, APs count a lot. I really like Mythos. It has a nice balance to it and is fun to play. We’ve had a few rulese queries (one timings based) and one a rule on the card for Maharal, but the guys from Paranoid Miniatures on the Facebook group are brilliant at responding. They will be at Bonescon running demos and there may even be a Mythos event there too!


Talking Bonescon I saw that there will be a Wrath of Kings event there – this has excited me as I love the game and models. Every time I get my teknes out (fnaagh), out come the pig noises. Its made me go and look at the book 2 rules and model. Teknes bombardiers are just plain awesome figures.

The Teknes in themselves as a painting project is something I dream about but it has to take its turn in the queue and that is dependant on what I am enjoying playing. Clearly for me next on the table will be my 40k stuff.

Until next time ….

I expect you to die Mr Bond

I’ve been getting very excited this week about 7TV, inspired by the participation game that we are going to be running at Bonescon in February 2018 (tickets available now)

For those of you who don’t know 7TV describes itself as Inch High Spy Fi and is a game that enables you to basically play in the universes shown in TV shows such as Man from UNCLE and The Avengers.  Ever wanted to be James Bond or Our Man Flint?  Then this is the game for you.  Its in its second edition and its one of my favourite games that I never get to play, though I’m not sure why as whenever we do play it we always have a great time.

Anyway I’ve long wanted to do a dungeon crawl type game using the mechanics so the idea of doing a participation game where I can introduce people to the game has long been bopping around at the back of my head and this week I have started to make it into a reality.

First I’ve built a sewer board using bits from the Terrain Shed Labyrinth range.  This is one of 3 boards that the game will be played on (the other two are going to be the evil villain lair and a pretty standard town type layout) IMG_0421.JPG

This will be one of the potential starting points for our groups of superspies as they head out to deal with whatever mission they have been sent on.  It will be populated with security robots as well as the odd abandoned genetic experiment (or three)

As well as building this out I’ve also started working on the various casts of heros that players will be able to use.  At the moment I’m thinking there will be four different groups representing Britain, USA, Russian and some undefined Pan Asian conglomeration (got to get ninjas in somewhere).   Of course being a 60’s based show each of these organisations has to have a snappy acronym so I took to Twitter to see what my followers could come up with.  After I had filtered out all the sexual ones (amazing the acronyms people can come up with) I’ve so far got these

  • T.O.P.H.A.T – The Organisation Preventing Harm And Terror
  • S.I.C.K.L.E – Society for the Improvement of Communist Kulture via Liquidation and Espionage
  • L.A.S.S.O – League Against Sinister State Organisations

The final one is currently called DRAGON but haven’t managed to turn it into a cool acronym yet.  Suggestions on a postcard to ….

Some SICKLE agents

I may also have bought hats for the players to wear.  Hey if you are going to go for it, really go for it.

So go buy your Bonescon tickets (did I mention there is a 10% early bird discount for September) and I’ll see you in the Butterfly House.



Been a slack haddock….

…and haven’t posted in ages. 

Had a bit of time where I was becalmed from a hobby perspective. I did get some bits done for the Dragon Rampant army.

…but then had no motivation for a week. Have restarted with some other bits…

But now I have a bigger fish to fry.

I have just signed up to play in a 40k tournament on the 7th October. 

36 days away.

2000 points. Fully painted.

Current number of points painted…..0. No pressure then…….bugger.

Who are Parasol

I've been going back and forth this week working out some background for Ascension and how things all fit together in this shared setting that Matt and I are building.

One of the things that Matt has bern very clear on is that In the current time Ascension is the corporate headquarters for the Parasol Corporation but why they are there and what they are up to hasn't really been fleshed out.

Well, until now. What we have decided is that at some point in the past the founder of Parasol discovered a tear in the fabric of time and space that leads to other versions of Ascension (whats the point of having an infinite universe theory if you don't get to play about with it) in different planes of existence. This wormhole is know as 'The Rip' and the wealth and ideas looted from this alternate dimensions are the source of Parasols seemingly unchallengeable corporate wealth and power.

This concept of the rip also enables us to weave interesting stories into our existing characters. Why does Father Wilson believe what he is doing is right? Well an Angel told him so. But was it an angel or just some demon / alien that came through the Rip and latched onto what the good Father was already doing (an excellent excuse to get a game of Draculas America up and running)

The Rip also enables us to deal with things like the fact in one Post Apoc version of Ascension it is a zombie hell whereas in another its a Nuclear Wasteland (roll on the new Fallout rules). They are both Ascension just in one plane Parasol let loose a pathogen that turned the world into Zombies and in another they got nuked.

Now this might seem like a lot of effort to go to for a setting for our games – it makes no difference mechanically after all – but for us to see the narrative of what we are playing, which is the main driving force for our gaming, its crucially important.

It occurs to me as I write this that Ascension would be the sort of place that existed in OASIS as what we are trying to do is create our own game world that just happens to fit in with whatever we are playing at the moment. This thought makes me surprisingly happy.


Busy Busy


With the demise of FDWHP I have been able to flit between projects this week, completing next to nothing but still getting a lot done.

First up was working on 7TV stuff that will be used in the Butterfly House next year as I finally pulled the trigger on a basing scheme.  I had been going back and forth on using transparent bases but in the end just decided to go sands and tufts so that they matched in with everything else that I have been working on recently.  This meant I was finally able to finish off the Lvl 1 security grunts and made decent progress on the lvl2s as well.


Then I finished up another Chibi in the form of Sensei Yu for my Chibi based Malifaux crew.  Have to say I am very pleased with how this one has come out and the crew as a whole is looking very nice.

I’ve committed to actually playing in an event with them in October (Joel and Eless are running a Halloween based story encounter) and it would be nice to have them fully painted by then.  I’ve started on the next two models but unfortunately Basketheads paint job all went horribly wrong so into the paint stripper he went.   TBF this is not an unusual occurance for my painting, its got to be right otherwise why bother.

Then the week turned into a basing and undercoating extravaganza as the Draculas America Nickstarter turned up – expect a review when we next record – and bits for a new OGAM / DR force arrived as well.


Thats a lot of figures.

What else?  Oh yes played a game of Massive Darkness with Matt and my eldest daughter, expect to hear a lot more about this in the future as we really really liked it.  I’m a sucker for dungeon crawls at the best of times and this one has some excellent mechanics to it.  Seen some stuff online saying its pretty easy but if it is we must be doing something wrong as we were dead halfway through the dungeon.

Finally I did some work for Terrain Shed in the form of another building for the Rum and Villainy range (pirates).  I was hoping to get it finished this week but frankly thats looking unlikely as I’m off on my summer holidays with the family.  Stupid real lives getting in the way of hobby time.IMG_0239.JPG

Right, will be posting from the beach next.  Laterz


Butterfly House Update

A quick update on where we are with the Fools Daily Butterfly House (FDBH) event that is going to be running at Bonescon in February 2018.

Tickets for Bonescon will be going on sale very soon and it seemed like an opportune time to give you a preview of what the schedule is going to roughly look like.  Now this is still slightly in flux ad hopefully we will be adding more things for you to do and play but at the moment we have this:


  • Dead Mans Hand Campaign event (loaner crews available)
  • 7TV Participation Game, everything provided, play for 30 minutes or all day
  • Frostgrave campaign event (loaner crews available)

In the evening we should be running playtests of the first Fools Daily game, Monster Smash


  • Gaslands Campaign / Tournament (Details TBA)
  • Dragon Rampant Campaign event (loaner armies available)
  • Moonstone Event (Details TBA)

In the evening we will be running our Zombie Run game.  How far can you get?


  • Of Gods and Mortals Campaign Event (loaner armies armies available)
  • Open Combat Campaign Event (Details TBA)
  • Mythos Event (Details TBA)

Over the weekend there will be participation games of Gaslands, Mythos and with a bit of luck Big Stompy Robots!

When you purchase a ticket  you are buying an entry ticket to the whole weekend, and this enables you to sign up for one seat in any event. Everything else is then filled up by sign ups on the day.  You can do anything anywhere with any ticket (as long as there is space in the event of course).

So feel free to play Warmachine, Malifaux or indeed any of the other games that are being organised, but it would be great if you could stop by the Butterfly House for a little while as getting folks playing games at the tables will help us ensure that the idea has a future and of course if there is something that you would like to see, just let us know and we will see what we can do (DC Miniatures Game????)

Will update with ticket info when I have it.