Still excited

You might have noticed from the last couple of posts that I’ve made that I’m quite excited by SAGA: AoM.  I mean I’ve always loved fantasy gaming but apart from the Skaven that I collected over 30 years I’ve never really had another fantasy army.  The ones that were on offer from GW were too much GW fluff and not enough Mike fluff if you know what I mean.  Just couldn’t put my own stamp on the story and that meant that whilst I got excited by the figures I just couldn’t get my head into a painting mindset to sit down and sort out an army – the same reason I don’t play 40k as well.

With AoM though I can make the armies that I want, using the figures that I want and create the narrative that I want which as I’ve talked about before goes far beyond just naming the characters.

So I thought I would take this blog post to talk about a couple of the forces that I am putting together for when the Barbarians are finished.

First up is something to use the Lords of the Wild Board (the one that you would stick Beastmen and Woodelves into if you were doing GW army comparisons)

As well as the generic force composition that the battleboard gives you there are also a couple of variant compositions that offer a more restricted force.  The payoff for using one of these is that you will get some sort of special rule to give that force more character.  In the Lords of the Wild force these variants are The Arachnaean Jungle (think lots of spider riders) and the Minotaurs of the Black Hills.  This was the list that attracted me.  However not as Minotaurs but as Werewolves.

Several years ago I backed the CMoN Wrath of Kings KS and whilst the finished game did nothing for me at all, it produced some absolutely gorgeous miniatures that I’ve never really been able to use until now.  So quick rebase, add in some GW Fenrisian Wolves that I had got in a trade and my 8 point warband was born.

Awoooooow, Werewolves of Norfolk
  • Warlord
  • Sorcerer
  • 6 points of creatures (split 4/3/3/2)
  • Monster

It really is that simple and really is that few figures.  Could do exactly the same warband with Ogre models or perhaps trolls.  Only model I am unhappy with is the Giant Bear as my Monster but I have plans to replace it with an even bigger Werewolf (of course)

Second force that I am currently working on is an Otherworld list (think Demons)  My original plan for this was to use my Egyptian based models that I have for the Cult of Set as the army for this board with the demons being snakes etc. but the Otherworld list doesn’t use levies (guess they have all been sacrificed) and in my mind the Cult of Set is full of worshippers and elites.  Very little actual soldier types.  So it was back to the drawing board with those and I needed something else to fill in.

Reading through the list one of the things that struck me was that you can upgrade your warlord to be an Archdemon at the cost of a point.  Archdemon sounds a lot like a god to me and then the answer revealed itself.

Another of my ongoing (neverending???) projects is a generic dungeon crawl game, but to get that working I needed a theme for the models and I had ended up with a lot of Greek mythological types as well as a set of the models from Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

This meant all I needed to do was create a Greek God list with mythical creatures instead of demons.  As the meerkats say, simples.

Zero to Hero

So I have Minotaurmen and Harpies as my warriors, Greek Heroes as my Hearthguard, Smaller Mythical creatures (Gorgon, Nemean Lion and Minotaur) as my creatures and Cerberus and the Hydra as my monsters (both behemoths)  All led by Zeus himself.  Should look really nice painted 🙂

So thats my next two AoM projects.  Hopefully this post gives you an idea of how easy it is to take some models that you love and turn them into an AoM force, ready for some events in the near future.

Here be  dragons 2.jpg

A brief insight

I’ve talked before about how my brain needs to have story and narrative for models that I am painting and playing with and this doesn’t change if I am playing a low figure count skirmish game or a large rank and flank type massed battle (not that i play any of those any more)  With the advent of SAGA: AoM I’ve obviously had the opportunity to get some long forgotten models out of the cupboard and think about some new ideas on how they all fit together.

Which brings me to yesterday and the decision to add a chariot to my horde army.  This is a special unit that only horde can take and provides a nice centrepiece model (to go with all the other centrepiece models, can you have to many centrepieces?)

My plan was to take a GW Ogre Leadbelcher kit, chuck a fighting platform on top of it and then stick a Big Boris on top of that.  Jobs a good one as Boris would say.

Boris Bike???


Only something about it didn’t feel right.  Even with the addition of some extra ropes (a freebie I found in one of my ‘safe’ storing places. the model still wasn’t doing it for me.

I thought about adding one of the Hasslefree skyclad women (thats naked to the rest of us) and going full on Frazetta but it still wasn’t hitting the right buttons.

Then, boom, it hit me.  Lets reverse the gender roles and pinch a cue from Malifaux (when they still respected their female characters, but thats a whole different rant) and put the Sisters of Slaughter on the fighting platform.

From that the story in my head grew that these sisters are imbued with the power of Lugh the Bloody himself and take their chariot across the north challenging the champions of each tribe they come across to combat.  The deal is simple.  If the champions win then the sisters belong to them.  If the champions lose then the tribe will join Lughs growing horde.  The sisters have never lost and Lughs horde keeps on growing!

And that was it.  Now I have a story for the unit that will help drive both how I finish up modelling it and the paint scheme that I eventually use.

Still building the model as aliens seem to have taken all my super glue but this is currently how its looking, will add some shields of the conquered champions and perhaps a little bit of bunting, you can never go wrong with bunting.

Sisters of Slaughter WIP




Do you feel if a game company ……

Following on from my purchases from Salute where I bought the Age of Magic rules, the accompanying Chaos and Magic dice, the Saga Battle Book and a Deep Cut Studio 6×4 playing mat, the question occurred to me today –

“Do you feel if a game company appears to have stopped supporting a game that you are less likely to play that game?”

This came on the back of mulling ideas about AoM forces without spending lots of money. It amuses me that as we have gotten older and that having no doubt spent an absolute humongous amount of money on gaming over the years, that we are trying to do stuff now without spending a load of dosh. Moving swiftly back on topic, I am disappointed that I have stuff lying around that I will probably never use so how can I use or re-use stuff. With the introduction of AoM I can see figures that I have being used for small AoM forces. It upsets me that games like Wrath of Kings may not get played much any more in my gaming group. I enjoyed the game immensely and had great cinematic games with my regular gaming buddy Nick. I have a second (unbuilt) force – the Shael Han and I figured I would never get to use them. In addition I bought in to the L5R miniature game when it first came out. I bought some boxed sets of one of the factions. The idea of a Samurai setting game really appealed to me as I was a big fan of the original Bushido RPG when it first came out (but ofc never played it!) Myself being of an age and era that included classics like the Water Margin and Monkey then clearly stuff like these figures/games would appeal to me. I think with the dawn of AoM I have found a probable use for some of the figures.

I’ve re-used my WFB dwarves successfully in my Kings of War army and this game has allowed me to buy some super cool minis from companies such as Scibor Miniatures, (Lord riding a bear), MOM Miniaturas (rock dwarves as Earth Elementals) and West Wind Productions (pig cavalry).

I have a Godslayer set of miniatures which are doing nothing at present possibly begging to be used in AoM. I also still have my WFB demons as well as a load of minis sitting in the garage doing nothing.

I suppose at the day it’s about the type of gamer you are and if you can get the support from like minded gamers. I mean EpicA has a good (but small) community still playing what is a great game. Blood Bowl when it was OOP was still heavily supported by the community as was Necromunda and Mordheim. 9th age is still being played as is Oldhammer. With other games, support for the game from the community will drop off and possibly even die. It saddens me now that this happens. I think with the dawn of Kickstarter and other crowd funding tools, it was as I said it would be, despite it being a golden age of gaming, there would be casualties along the way.

Ultimately though I do feel that I am going to have to go through a purge again this year to offload stuff that is just taking up space with a view to streamlining the game systems old and new that I play but that is of course down to how much free time I have.

New Adventures Await

Last weekend was Salute and I was able to pick up my highly anticipated copy of Age of Magic (AoM) for SAGA.  I’ve always enjoyed playing SAGA as its has a nice balance via the limited resource of your SAGA dice and games feel tactical (well as tactical as a game with no real Command and Control mechanism can) but I’ve not played it as much as some mainly because whilst I have a passing interest in the Dark Ages all the models tend to boil down to beardy men with pointy sticks.  This doesn’t necessarily make for the most interesting painting projects and without a interesting painting project its much harder to drum up enthusiasm for a game.  The upshot was though that when a fantasy based universe was announced (SAGA is split into the core rules and then Universes which are pretty much self contained sets of armies) I had high hopes.

Interestingly around the same time Warlords of Erewhon from Warlord Games was announced that seemed to offer the same sort of game play experience – use whatever figures you want in games of medium figure count game – and the Bolt Action game system is again a very solid performer.  However in the run up to the game being released a series of previews showed that it was actually using a very prescriptive army list system that, to me, seems counter intuitive to what it was trying to achieve – get folks with Oldhammer Armies to get them out the cupboard and start using them again – which meant it was a non starter.  Hopes were all pinned on AoM.

Well having now played a grand total of one game I can say that my hopes are still high as it was tremendous fun.  So things are looking positive.

Rather than saying this is a battle board for Orcs, this one is for Humans etc. Tomahawk Studios have gone for a far more generic and open approach of using fantasy archetypes so our battle yesterday featured a my Barbarians (using the Horde Board) vs. Matt and his Samurai (using the Great Kingdoms Board) He of course says that make him the goodies but I think we all know that they are actually an oppressive regime exploiting the good will of the common man whilst Lugh Silver Hand is a folk hero in the same way as Robin Hood is, rising up against evil and helping the common folk.

Lugh Silver Hand and his Horde
The Samurai (oh and a beardy dwarf)

Enough waffle, lets talk about the game (I’ve assumed that you know some of the basics of SAGA in this)

My Army was as follows

  • 3 points of Warriors
  • 2 points of Hearthguard
  • 1 point of Monsters (Behemoth)
  • 1 Point of Creatures
  • 1 Point of Sorcerer
  • Lugh of the Silver Hand (Warlord)

One of the neat things about AoM is that you can give up deploying models of one type to increase the number of models in another so I only deployed 6 Hearthguard which meant that I could add an extra model to my Creatures.  It sounds confusing but in practice its very straightforward and an elegant way to expand the new unit types without having to get into half points etc.

From memory (and looking at the photo) Matt used

  • 3 Points of Hearthguard
  • 1 Point of Warriors
  • 1 Point of Creatures
  • 1 Point of Levy
  • 1 Point of Monsters (Scourge)
  • 1 Point of Sorcerer
  • Warlord mounted on a beast

He gave up 6 Levy models to add a warmachine and 2 Hearthguard to add an extra creature.

We played the Clash of Warlords scenario from the main rulebook (didn’t want to make it more complicated for ourselves using Book of Battles)

Deployed ready for battle to commence

Now we aren’t the most experienced SAGA players in the world and had to flick back and forth through the rulebook a lot during the game but all for things that after a couple more games will just be second nature so whilst it took us most of the afternoon to play it didn’t seem like it did if that makes sense.

I’m not one for doing turn by turn reports (and frankly I couldn’t tell you when certain things happened anyway) but the game was full of the cinematic moments that both Matt and I play games for.  Early on his dragon came swooping into combat with my poor sorcerer who predictably got eaten – though I’m pretty sure his actual fate is more like Ron Pearlmans character in Pacific Rim – but it then found itself locked in a fight to the death with my Johtun.  My Behemoth marauded up the flank smashing all before him until Matt commited his reserves and finally put the beast down.  The damage had been done though.  Warlords on Beasts turned out to be very tough indeed – Resilience(2) is huge – and whilst I eventually killed him with my Hearthguard they had been mauled beyond all recognition in a storm of gnashing teeth and scything blades.

In the end Matt ran out of SAGA dice generating units and victory went to Lugh 30-17

An awesome introduction to the game.

With the death of my sorcerer early on I had worried that I would be at a major disadvantage but that didn’t turn out to be the case which meant that my fears that a sorcerer was pretty much a must take in every army turned out to be unjustified.  It just another tool in the toolbox rather than being something that you have to have.  This is a good thing.

Not looking good for my poor sorcerer

Monsters and Creatures are tough – lots of Resilience floating around – but not indestructible and if you are gaining fatigue to not die then you are effectively being taken out of the game anyway.  When a game is only 6 turns having your big powerful beastie sitting around only being able to rest for even a turn is a huge balancing factor – SAGA has always been a game about getting as many Fatigue markers on your opponent as possible and this hasn’t changed – in fact if anything its become even more important.

So conclusions.  It’s fantastic.  Solid innovative ruleset which now has a well worked out fantasy twist.  I can’t see it not becoming our go to fantasy game (replacing Dragon Rampant) and I’m pretty hopeful that I can rope more friends into play – nearly everyone I know has at least a couple of Warhammer armies in a cupboard somewhere.

I’m going to be finishing up the painting on Lughs horde over the next couple of months and then will be moving onto the Cult of Set using the Demonic Otherworld board but I have army ideas for pretty much everything so plans could change (and normally do)

Highly highly recommended, 5 stars, etc. etc.

Sure Matts general used to be here

2019 A New Hope

I could go on about how I want to do this and do that as far as hobby is concerned and god knows I tried last year. I had a good think about the last few years as far as hobby and more specifically painting is concerned. One thing sprang to mind and that was that I wanted a complete force for this game or that game. So this year quite simply for me as far as painting is concerned, I want to FINISH stuff. There are specific things that I want to finish as they have been WIP for a while now.

  • Bolt Action British force
  • Epic Space Marines
  • One minion force for Warmahordes
  • Middle Earth Strategy Battle Games (MESBG) Isengard force

The above are the main things that I am aiming to complete this year. In addition I think I would like to be able to have a completely painted dwarf Kings of War army. This involves painting a few odds and ends to add to my old WFB army. It may be a few things but it still involves time. Progress on my Brock Riders which are actually dwarves on pigs can be seen below. I’ve really enjoyed painting these so far but they are not finished yet.

I’d also like to make a start on painting my 40k Ad Mech force but this would be a stretch goal for me. Along with this stretch would be to make a start on painting my AoS Beastclaw force too. I’m also sure that along the way this year will involve me painting one or two Warhammer Underworlds warbands. I absolutely love this game at present and have already started to paint my goblin warband for the game.

The warmahordes and MESBG forces have the added incentive of me attending events this year – namely the 10th anniversary for the Welsh Masters (warmahordes) and Ardacon for MESBG. I’ve started my MESBG force by painting a test piece based on the original colour scheme of the painted figures that I already have. I’ve also started to paint some of my warmahordes force for the Welsh Open.

So there we have it. 2019 is the year for me finishing stuff that I have begun. Simplez.

The birth of the Splog!

I decided to look up what blog actually means on the internet before writing my next article.


1. a regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

1. add new material to or regularly update a blog.
“it’s about a week since I last blogged”

Note the explanation of the noun and the word regularly. I decided to dig a little more and look up the word regularly.


1. with a constant or definite pattern, especially with the same space between individual items.
“regularly spaced buildings” uniform intervals of time.
“the reunion has taken place regularly every two years”

So I am now wondering if there is a word for an ad hoc update of a web page. A sporadic update a SPLOG!

So I think this should be renamed a SPLOG site and also the a sporadic podcast should be called a SpodCast!

On to my 2019 hopes and aspirations (still), next, soon, honest.

Roll for Initiative

I don’t know if I have mentioned it before but last year was pretty poor from a gaming POV.  Oh I have mentioned it.  Well I suppose I might stop going on about it eventually 🙂

Still there was one bright spot in the sea of dismalness and that was the fact that I started to play Dungeons and Dragons again for the first time in 20 odd years.  What made it even better is that my daughters started to play it with me, a true family bonding experience.

I remember it like it was only yesterday

For me D&D started back in the early 80s when a friend of mine brought AD&D along on one of those activity week things that they make you do at school and one evening we played a very simple adventure – I was an Illusionist called Melkizadrek.  Needless to say I was hooked instantly and throughout the rest of my school life we played pretty regularly in a science lab over lunch time.  Of course being teenage boys these sessions were pretty low on actual roleplay and more about getting the most powerful magic items so you could decimate whatever fiendish beasts the DM would throw at us (Wand of Orcus!!!!!) but it was still great fun.

Forward-wind a few years and I got involved in another group (think this would have been 3rd edition) which would meet once a month in the DMs flat for an all day session.  Of course being older now this would involve the consumption of adult beverages and again the actual roleplaying content was probably pretty low, though we did at least try to be consistent with our motivations and how our characters acted – something that certainly didn’t happen in the teenage sessions (lawful good to chaotic evil in the space of a conversation was pretty common)

Of course life then got in the way – it has a nasty habit of doing that – and what with work, marriage, children and moving to another country D&D fell by the wayside for a long long time.

Then a few years ago a conversation with the ever so lovely Dave Bartley who introduced me to Fantasy Grounds and the possibility of playing over the internet lurched into view.  Fantastic, can play from the comfort of my own office and not actually have to meet anybody.  Of course what I didn’t realise that by its very nature, getting everyone together to play on x night was an almost impossible attempt to herd cats and these efforts quickly fell by the wayside (sorry Dave).  It did however respark the Role Playing bug in me and given that my eldest daughter had joined in one of the sessions a possible family activity was born.  Got to love it when your hobby and family activities collide.

At the same time Peter Sheppard, whom I had got to know through playing Malifaux was running a regular D&D night in London and whenever he tweeted about it I would post stalkerish messages about getting involved.  Well he is lovely!!!   Anyway,  he agreed to run a one off adventure at Wayland and this time I took both my daughters along (as well as Matts eldest) and a massively fun time was had by all.  It seemed we were all hooked and when the stars aligned that Joel said he wanted to DM a campaign we all jumped at the chance.

Our first session

So now every month we drive over to the house of the wonderful Wintons in Birmingham play 6 or 7 hours of D&D (and lets be honest, 6 hours of that is the mighty Krunk saving the party from whatever troubles they have got themselves into) and then we come home to a massive singalong in the car.

I’ve also playing in a couple of one shots run by Bunty (called Bunty for reasons far to long to go into here) for various peoples Birthdays and I even dipped my toe into the DMing pool itself when my younger daughter asked for a D&D adventure for her birthday party.

Its been great and long may it continue.  Plus its really trendy to play D&D at the moment so this makes me practically a hipster.  Just need my coconut-milk organic latte now.


Krunk the Mighty


And … Action

Last year was pretty pathetic in terms of gaming but the biggest letdown was the amount of events I went to.  One.  One event out of a whole year.  I know, rubbish isn’t it. Sure there was the Butterfly House and MAGE but I organised those so they don’t really count any more than a home game does.  Which brings us to one.  Surely I can do better than that this year?


Well the weekend just gone (26th Jan if you are counting) I (we as Matt was with me) made a start by going to Board in Brum near Birmingham.  This is a venue that I haven’t been to before but will certainly be going again.  It has a well stocked shop (with stuff from a decent range of manufacturers) several 6×4 tables and decent toilets 🙂  Thats always a good start.  The fact that the very reasonable £10 fee also included food from the local chippy was an awesome bonus.

The reason that we went was to take part in the 2nd 7TV day that has been run there by a guy called Mike Strong – there are a lot of Mikes who play 7TV it turns out.  We’ve talked about 7TV from Crooked Dice in the past but if you’ve missed that heres a quick recap.

7TV bills itself as Inch High SpyFi as the basic premise is your models (a cast) are part of a TV show and that the game that you are playing is actually an episode of that show.   The SpyFi bit comes from that fact that the game is heavily based on the spy TV shows of the 60s and 70s such as The Avengers and Man from U.N.C.L.E   Your cast is made up of Stars, CoStars and Extras and each is worth so many ratings (you get around 100 profiles in the game so far).  You build your cast to the rating level of the game (we were playing 30 rating games which gives around 6-7 models) and then play out one of the scenarios given in the rule book.  Its a UGOIGO game that uses a limited resource (plot points) to control both activation and special actions that your characters might be able to do.  Finally it uses a countdown deck to ensure a special event happens every turn.  These are all TV based so you get things like Continuity Error where two cast members will suddenly switch places.  For me it is hands down the best set of skirmish rules I have ever played as by its very nature it gives the cinematic game experience that I love.  Sure there are individual genre based rulesets that have the same effect on me (Dead Man Hands springs to mind) but the power of the 7TV ruleset and the inherently balanced nature of the possible cast members means that it works across genres and makes for an excellent gaming experience.


Having said all that I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to some pre event nerves as we rocked up to the venue.  Suppose the other players weren’t into the game for the same reasons I am and were actually looking for a more competitive gaming event that I was hoping for – it had been billed as a campaign day but that means different things to different people.  Suppose, suppose, suppose.  Sure I had talked to them on the 7TV facebook group but online personas and all that.

Of course all these worries were for nowt as you couldn’t imagine a nicer bunch of gamers who were all there for the same reasons that we were and who all had the same attitude to the game as we did.  I thought I might have gone over the top when I worked out my cast as I had created my own fictional TV show, had worked out that it was cancelled after 6 episodes and knew who the big bad in each one was.  Turns out that I hadn’t as all of my opponents had done exactly the same 🙂


So onto the event itself.  I won’t bore you with a play by play but the day started off perfectly when our esteemed organiser told us that the 7TV studios were in financial trouble and that we would have to deliver advertising lines during the game (gaining extra plot points depending on how and when we delivered it) and it basically went from there.  I had 3 fantastic games full of cinematic highlights as Jonny Chan kicked and punched his way across the set pausing only now and then to deliver his carefully crafted lines to the camera.  Winning and losing didn’t matter, it was the taking part and fulfilling what Conrad likes to call the social contract that was the important (and indeed, only) thing.

I should also mention the sets (boards)  They were all provided by the players and were all fantastic.  So much effort had gone into them and it was a real pleasure to play on fully painted terrain for a change – so many of my home games are in MDF city.  It’s really going to force me to up my terrain game and actually paint stuff.  I’ve chucked some pictures of them in this post but my shoddy photography doesn’t really do them justice so apologies for that.


A special shout out should go to Wayne, one of the players, who works for Wargames Illustrated.  He very kindly brought along a lucky dip containing loads of OOP miniatures which had enough for all of the players to get one each.  I got an awesome Dan Dare type model that i will be painting up for a future cast.

And speaking of painting (did you see what I did there???) one of the prizes at the end of the day was for Best Cast and I was absolutely gobsmacked to walk about with the prize for Jonny Chan and friends.  The other two awards were for best board and best sports – yes no gaming prizes awarded – and the event was all the better for that.


On the drive home Matt and I were buzzing with ideas for boards and casts as there is going to be a lot of 7TV in our future.  Oh and if the Spy thing puts you off, this year will see the release of settings for Post Apocalypse and Pulp (my personal favourite) and the beauty of the ruleset is that it can be easily expanded into any genre that you want to go.

The next event at Board in Brum in on 21 September and there is a pulp themed day being put on by Wargames Illustrated on 6th July

Fantastic day, fantastic people and a fantastic game.  If you aren’t playing then you are missing out.

Did I deliver that correctly Mr DeMille?

Practically adequate in every way……..and Rock week

This post is a Bit later than planned but I went with the missus to see Mary Poppins Returns recently.

Ordinarily not something that I would rush to see but given that anyone with an ounce of compassion loves the original and Emily Blunt (hubba hubba) I was keen to give it a whirl.

I’m generally not a fan of remakes/reboots or apparently unnecessary sequels I tried to have as open a mind as possible. It also helped that BBC2 had helpfully had Saving Mr Banks on a couple of days before which gave some interesting context of what PL Travers thought the story was really about.

MPR has a difficult act to follow and a difficult path to walk. I thought it did all of that well. Emily Blunt does a good turn, Jack the lamp lighter has a dubious accent, the kids are not too annoying. MPR strikes the balance perfectly of respecting the original without losing anything due to that reverence. The animated scenes are as pleasant as the original and the song and dance bits are every bit as competent as the first time around (but we’ll come back to this).

Interestingly, the core of the story – the Saving of Mr Banks Jr is slightly more overt (albeit still superbly done) than the original and it is clear throughout the adventures, that the losses within his life are the ones to be resolved.

As I came away, as good as it was, I couldn’t help thinking that something was missing from making the film a ‘modern classic’. The songs.

Whether it is through years of rewatching or because I’m old and cynical now but the songs in MPR just didn’t stick in my mind or feel like instant singalongs for me. They were ok but there was no ‘Spoonful of Sugar’ or ‘Supercali-etc etc’ that had you humming along. Given the impact of the music from The Greatest Showman that I hear every bloody where, it just feels like it’s a missed opportunity to take it to the next level of fan adoration.

Enjoyed it though.

I followed up over the last week by catching up on a trio of older movies that I missed the first time around all of which starred Dwayne Johnson. It was a Rockfest.

I watched Jumanji 2, Rampage, and Baywatch.

Jumanji 2 (yeah I know it wasn’t actually called that but f##k off) – enjoyable enough. Some funny bits, borrowed some body swap tropes from elsewhere. Jack Black played Jack Black in a hat. Not awful but only a 6/10.

Rampage – more enjoyable in a ridiculous B movie-sequel plot free action flick style. Jeffery Dean Morgan seems to be a new Billy Bob Thornton. Naomi Harris dials in a performance. CGI is good. Stupid but fun. Sammy (my 8yo boy) lived it and I guess that’s the target audience.

Baywatch – in order to contradict what I said above, I enjoyed the Jump St remakes and tolerated The A team, so really had no expectations of Baywatch. I never really watched the TV series, although was aware of its popularity and why. The movie acknowledges the ridiculousness of the pretty people playing at lifeguard/detective while still giving plenty of eye candy to look at. It was an opportunity for DJ to play a more comedic role (there is action in slo mo – of course) but actually, there is some really snappy and funny dialogue in there too. Made me laugh lots, made me look at boobs lots. 8/10.

More stuff soon,



2018 Review

My last post was June 2018. Clearly I’ve absolutely neglected posting here since that time. The intentions were there but I got waylaid.

How did my 2018 go you may ask? Not too bad is my answer! Based on my 2018 articles (yes there were 2 as I forgot some stuff on the first one), this is how I did.

  • Health – this has improved greatly. I suffer from pustular psoriasis on the heels of both feet. At it’s worst, this caused cracks in my feet of up to 2 inches. It was like walking on broken glass and was extremely painful at times. Inevitably it caused me to adjust the way I carried myself when walking or running. This puts a strain on various joints (mainly the knees and back). The result of this was that I strained the tendons on my left knee when running for a train. I can tell you that was something I don’t want to repeat!

    I eventually got referred to a dermatologist and after agonising whether or not to take the drug she had prescribed for me which is potentially life changing due to the possible side effects, I’m in a much better place with this awful thing. It’s no cancer but if you go join one of the support groups you will soon learn how drastically it reduces your quality of life.

  • Weight Loss – I got no where near as far as I wanted to with this. I dropped from 14st 7.5lbs to at the lowest 13st 10lbs. I’m currently 14st 1lb after putting on 4 lbs at Xmas. I suppose its good that I’ve tried to lose weight and I’ve pretty much managed to maintain a weight of below 14st. I will continue to pursue this in 2019.
  • Better paid job. On Dec 10th 2018, I started a new better paid job. The only issue is that its on the complete other side of the M25 to me. Hey ho you cannot have everything!
  • Build more Ad Mech – I managed to do this enough to facilitate my taking part in the club 40k campaign and also the brilliant Apocalypse game we held to finish this campaign off. The other brilliant thing about this finale was that everyone who took part wanted to do another Apocalypse game. So much so that the club had another one at Xmas which was store staff  (see more about who these are in the section about the club keeping going) versus all comers. We are due to have a follow up Apocalypse campaign game in Q1 of 2019.
  • Complete painting my BA British Army force – this did not happen.
  • Get some paint on the Ad Mech – this did not happen.
  • Continue to play and support the 40k club narrative campaign and to play 40k in general – I did this throughout the year but I ended up playing less 40k towards the back end of 2018 due to the fact that there was so many good things happening at the club to support and play.
  • Attend at least one Bolt Action gaming weekend event – this did not happen.
  • Play more Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit – well it should be called MESBG aka Middle Earth Strategy Battle Game. A bit of a mouthful but I guess Gdub wanted to cover both LoTR and The Hobbit genres of armies/forces. I’ve played a fair amount of this in 2018 once the new ruleset was released. Its a great game and I love it. We are going to be running a map based narrative campaign in 2019. I’ve also got tickets booked for an event called Ardacon for 2019 to go to an MESBG event too!
    LOTR Game
  • Paint LoTR figures – this did not happen.
  • Play more Kings of War – this happened big time too mainly because the club is running a slow grow narrative campaign. Its been a huge amount of fun and we about 2/3rds of the way through this with armies currently about to fight at 1350pts. With the new Clash of Kings 2019 released by Mantic, we’ve got more stuff to look at and a new set of scenarios to play for the rest of the campaign.
    KOW Brock CavalryKOW Game
  • Play more Wrath of Kings – sadly this did not happen. It riles me a little as I bought some of the new figures and I also bought some of the WoK cards too. There were a few small events that I heard about during 2018 and it would have been nice to have supported this. Too many games.
  • Gaslands – there was an initial flurry with this game shortly after it was released with some club members invested in playing at the club. I ended up buying some terrain for the game and I envisage using the campaign rules that were published in a wargaming magazine to run a club campaign in 2019.
  • Dystopian Wars – the intention was to keep an eye on the new game as Warcradle Studios had taken over the IP for this game. I’ve been watching the rules development and have downloaded and read some of the versions of the rules. Its being done in a very iterative and community friendly way but I have not had a play test of the new rules at all. No time. I’m still keen to see and watch and possibly get involved (lets not kid myself here!) with a play test game or two.
  • Regular board games session once a month – well this kind of happened. There were times when we could not meet but I would say that we probably met at least 6 or 7 times during the year. Its been good fun and I got to play some good board games 3which included the Game of Thrones board game which I really liked.
  • Continue to grow and support Tanelorn Wargames Club – wow this was an interesting year for the club. EXP Leisure, our previous hosts, essentially folded. This left Magic Madhouse who had floor space in the EXP Leisure rented facility high and dry too along with us and other people who came to play games at EXP. What unfolded was that Magic Madhouse, London was formed which took over the venue for a while before moving one floor to a different size area on the 3rd floor of the current venue. For a month or two things were touch and go as to whether the club would lose it’s venue and have to fold in to storage for a while whilst we found another venue. Thanks to Magic Madhouse, London we have survived (thanks Gav, Tim and Luke @ Magic Madhouse, London) and continued to grow. Club membership has marginally increased and we have run 2 Warmahorde events at the venue too which included the London Team Event too. I hope that we can survive 2019 now!
  • Relic Knights V2 is due out in 2018 – it hasn’t turned up. There is much negative feeling towards ninja Division but my take on this is it will either happen or not. I did play test and provide input in to the V2 rules when Justin Gibbs was at Ninja Division so I do have a feel for the new version of the game. It’s a real shame that Ninja Division have provided yet another KickStarter experience which may be perceived as unfavourable.
  • ebaying excess schtuffings – I’ve had some limited success with this but it is hugely demoralising doing this. I made some good money which I re-invested in to the hobby in the form of an AoS beastclaw army. I’ve nearly build a 1000pts of this now too. I need to continue with this in 2019.
  • I suppose the other thing to note is that I have probably built stuff that isn’t covered by any of the stuff above. The AoS stuff for example was a new buy. I’ve recently bought in to Warhammer Underworlds and I love this game. So much so that I have already started to paint some of the warband figures. I’ve also actively taken part in the club monthly vow. I don’t always achieve it but I’m doing stuff.

On to my 2019 hopes and aspirations …….