Month: May 2017

Mythos Arrives

In a single city the fate of the world may be decided.  Humanity will fight an invisible war against an almost forgotten enemy.  Will you defend against the insanity or embrace the madness that is coming …

Long time listeners of the podcast will hopefully remember that a couple of years ago we had the guys on from Paranoid Miniatures talking about the game that they were working on called Mythos.  They are basically a group of gamers like us who decided to produce their own game, something that I’m sure many gaming groups do. However, unlike most of us, these dreams turned into reality and following a successful Kickstarter models have been created, rules have been produced and the results dropped through my letterbox this morning.

Softbound rulebook and cards

Overall I have to say that I am very impressed with what I got.  First of is the bound rulebook that the guys added to each pledge as a thank you for having faith in them – it wasn’t part of the KS per se – but is a very nice item to have, I always prefer physical rulebooks to pdf and the inclusion of it shows that the paranoid miniature team have the interests of both the game and the players of the game at heart.

The card stock used is nice and solid with two different card sizes.  Damage and Sanity tracking cards will fit in standard sleeves (enabling dry erase marking) and model cards are twice the size meaning the font isn’t tiny.  Another thing to note about the character cards is that they are double sided as each model effectively has two profiles, depending on what has happened to it during the game.

The models are supplied in ziploc bags (not retail packaging) and needed sorting out into the various factions but a quick look at the excellent pictures on the website meant that this was a job of mere moments to do.  They are made of a nice light grey resin and are supplied in multiple pieces. Must admit some of the bits look a bit fragile for my clumsy old man fingers but thats more a statement about me than the models themselves.  I’ll be putting some of them together tonight for a test game next week.

Cultist Leader Freebie

As you can see from the photo the models themselves are superb.  The Paranoid team have not stinted on sculpting talent and it shows as every model oozes character.  Of course this is meaningless if the casting are poor but these are also great with crisp detail that should make the models a painters joy.  One day I might even get around to painting mine 🙂

So what is next for Mythos?

Well I know they will be at Daffcon running demos and hopefully the worlds first Mythos tournament but beyond that, I’m not sure.

Fortunately I’m going to be recording with the guys next week so hopefully we will find out.


The army of Xin Loi……a project decades in the making

First project for me to attempt to get progressed is my Samurai army for Dragon Rampant.

The initial 36 points currently looks something like this..

My obsession with Japanese themed miniatures means I have stuff from Perry, Citadel, Bushido, Foundry, Wrath of Kings, Wargames Factory and Bushido……so far.

Mike and I are planning a campaign of sorts so you will see plenty of them and hopefully plenty of progress in getting them finished (as finished as a pet project ever is anyway)

They didn’t do very well yesterday against Mike’s bloody barbarian hordes, we’ll just put it down to being a bit rusty…….

Kisses on your pink bits,


Hello, Good Evening and Welcome

Welcome to the all new Fools Daily blog, a companion to the popular podcast.  The intention is that this will be constantly updated with the sort of things that we might touch upon in the show but that need a more visual medium to explain properly.  This will include (hopefully) Battle Reports, discussions of how we are doing in campaigns and who knows, perhaps even video.

Hopefully you’ll like it.

Things will be moving around a bit over the next few days / weeks as we get to grips with the format etc. but the end result will hopefully be worth the ride