Month: June 2017

Ok So How Do I Score in this thing?

So week 2 begins and it looks like I need to try and list 3 hobby related things to do rather than the one! So what, I started small and easily achievable 🙂

How did I do in my week 1 you may ask? Well I managed to get some base colours on to the 3 BA Brit figures that I said I would paint – a continuing effort to get my 2nd platoon finished. Guess what? I did it! Not only that I managed to get a flesh wash on the flesh parts and put some Army Builder Strong Tone on to the figures too. How much do I earn for this please – 3pts I believe (or is it 1?)

This week I mean to progress these figures further hopefully to near completion. For this it will mean putting some highlights on to the base colours and flesh and detailing the face too. Thats as much as I hope to do.

This evening I managed to do the faces!


I believe that I need to state 2 more goals. So for no 2 (hehe no2s!), I will cut out and sleeve the next iteration of the Beta Test cards for my Black Dragons for Relic Knights.

My third goal will to get a beta test game in of v2.1 of Relic Knights and report it back to Ninja Division.

I’d like to get some stuff on ebay too soon but that is always a long slog!

Episode 337 – The God that Failed

In which Mike and Matt talk about Daffcon and why the 2017 event was cancelled. This is sad as we hate letting folks down and we did. However we do end on a positive note as we talk about our hopes and dreams for the resurrected multi system Smogcon, though time will tell on that one.

Direct link –


So close yet…….

#FDWHP week 2 was going so well.

Cops – managed to fully finish 8 miniatures and progress the other 19 (yeah, I may have got carried away when I bought them…)

Stripping – all 6 jars were done and minis cleaned off.

Plague Demons…….there was a bit of a difference between plan and actual on Sunday evening.


Drop kids back home

Get back

Have a cuppa

Do weapons


Pick out details


Bask in triumph


Drop kids back home

Make cuppa

Wake up 6 hours later next to a cold coffee and a beard wet from drool

Bugger – only 2 points again………

This week’s #FDWHP will see me with 3 points, dammit!!

1 – Finish Cops

2 – Finish Plague Demons

3- Progress the next unit for Dragon Rampant – 3 Minotaurs


Love and fingers





Iconic Locations

One of the really cool things about Matts plans for Ascension is the inclusion of iconic locations throughout the various periods of gaming that we are going to use it for.

For instance it maybe that the Gallows used by the infamous Hanging Judge (once hanged 17 people in a single day) that forms a centre piece for our Dead Mans Hand games will by the time Fistful of Kung Fu rolls around have just become a treasured landmark – though I imagine in Post Apocalyptic in will be in full use again.

This plan has enabled me to go slightly wild and make actual models for these locations that will form part of the scenery for the games.

Next up for us is going to be a Fistful of Kung Fu game (probably a series of mini games fought out over a day) featuring the Ascension Police Department (totally in the pocket of the evil Parasol Corporation) and the fun loving, wheeling dealing easy riders of Hogans Biker Gang.  This means of course that we need some terrain to match.

First up we have Hogans Bar. Definately nothing illegal going on here, just a bunch of friendly folks going about their day to day business.  A place where you can relax, have an adult beverage and enjoy the company of a friendly companion.


And for Ascensions finest?  Well the Bangles told us where we could find the cops didn’t they 🙂


Oh and the Donut shop is a #FDWHP goal as well, so point for Mikey


On a roll

Second week of #FDWHP and another 3 points for me.  Its well easy this hobby lark!


Didn’t get as far as I hoped with the Fistful of Kung Fu Gang as Matt came up with his Ascension idea and I switched gangs to my Bikers and then had to design an HQ for them which meant the Kung Fu school got put back in the cabinet.  Still progress was made and thats all I can ask for.

So onto this week.

  1.  Design and build a donut shop for Matts cops to hang out in.  This is going to be based on the iconic Randys Donuts as seen in Earth Girls are Easy.
  2. I need to start getting some of my Dragon Rampant stuff painted but painting units is hard so I’m going to start off with a smaller unit.  Clever eh.  So task 2 is to paint my unit of Frost Giants (Heavy Infantry in DR terms)IMG_2628.JPG
  3. Finally I am going to do what i tried to turn into the bonus task from last week and finish off Thor for OGAM (and DR as well)  He has been knocking around almost painted for the best part of 18 months so it will do him good to get finished.IMG_2561.jpg

Next weeks update will probably be on Monday rather than Sunday as I’m away at a Malifaux event for the weekend (doing badly no doubt) but there will be plenty of other content on the blog and podcast to keep you entertained.

Episode 336 – I Ascend

In which Mike and Matt talk many things, like the heat properties of glass, Test Match Special and of probably most interest to you, the gentle listener, campaigns. Mainly because Matt has had a very good idea about a town called Ascension that we are going to use to tie multiple different games systems together. meanwhile Mike has been writing a more traditional branching campaign for Dragon Rampant and putting together some rules for units to gain (and lose) bonuses depending on how well they do in the campaign. Frankly they are so enthused for the hobby that its almost nausea inducing, which means a huge hobby crash is probably just around the corner. Get em while it lasts kids.

Direct download is

Episode 335 – I always feel like somebodies watching me

In which Mike and Matt are joined by the crew from Paranoid Miniatures to talk Mythos. Mike and Matt recently had a game (Matt won!!!!!) so we talk about what we found, how we felt the rules worked, miniatures, pretty much everything. What we discovered is that Mike knows nothing about rules writing, that there are ambitious plans for the game (several new factions and additional models for existing ones) as well as narrative campaigns that sound a lot of fun. RIP Brian Cant.

Ascension – A town through the ages?

With all the hobby giddiness that I’m sharing with Mike, I got to thinking about about an idea I had a long time ago about a town that would feature heavily through a series of games and rulesets.

An analogy would be looking at what Stephen King did with the town of Derry in the series of books that the wrote during the late 80s and into the 90s. Derry is a mythic town that the created in Maine that served as a backdrop for several of his novels. In itself it wasn’t a ‘character’ or cause of the weird swizzle that happened but it did kinda give a sense of familiarity to the reader.

I came up with the town of Ascension ages ago as a location for my 15mm Zombie project. It was to be the site of the outbreak and the central location for the post apocalyptic gaming that follows. I kinda reintroduced the idea when Mike an I started playing This is not a Test Post Apoc rules and he graciously named the Post Apoc range that he created for The Terrain Shed after it.

Now I’m thinking that this small town on the Texas Mexico border will feature in the narrative of lots of my games from Dead Man’s Hand through to Post Apoc. There will be some notable land marks that can feature throughout and some that can evolve and change of the periods.

First venture will be the painting of the Ascension Police Department as part of this weeks #FDWHP. Perhaps unsurprisingly I have a few more cops than I remembered buying……..

Its Me Conrad!

So I figured I would jump on the band wagon with the #FDWHP (challenge?) I’ve done this more to ensure that I dont get a U this year and to actually prove to Mike and Matt that I DO DO stuff. (HeHe I said DoDos!)

So here I am.

It will be a short one (like Matt) as a starter.

I’ve admitted to trying to complete a BA British 1000pt force on the actual FD recording so folks are already aware of my main challenge this year. However, beta testing for Relic Knights may have spurred me on to build some figures that are in the Black Diamond “starter” play test Cadre – namely Codebreaker, the Enslaved Cypher and the Medic figures. This I did last week and if I had started last week I could have claimed them. Perhaps they will allow me the points for them if I ask nicely. I also finally completed the next 3 figures for my British BA force. I’m painting in batches of 3 as I feel it allows me to see progress and I finish stuff rather that taking on a whole batch where youn endlessly put paint on to figures and certainly in the early stages don’t feel as if you are making progress.

Did I mention that the previous week I built my Mythos crew? Well I did. I’ve been in touch with those lovely chaps at Paranoid Miniatures and have told them about my experience with the construction of these miniatures. These are true scale figures and as such are detailed. The Priory was also the first batch of miniatures that the guys were involved in and very much cut their teeth on the design and cutting of miniatures from this crew. The result is (IMHO) that there are “issues” with some of the Priory figures where certain things may break due to a miniature which looks cool but may not be as practical as it could be for a tabletop miniature. I also found that washing and soaking the resin in luke warm soapy water was a good thing to do to allow the glue to flow better and clean the resin ready for paint. The guys at Paranoid were hugely helpful and receptive of the feedback I provided and were honest with me in their responses – which I admired. At the end of the day they are made up and based and are ready for paint … or to allow me to get of Mythos in! Unfortunately with the play testing of Relic Knights, Mythos has gone on a back burner as I love me some Relic Knights.

Sooooooo, this week I will mainly be painting 3 more British Army infantry figures for Bolt Action.

Until next time, this has been me Conrad ….. I think.

Hit or Mythos?

Mike and I did manage to get a game of the new game released by Paranoid Miniatures during this week. Mythos is a skirmish game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and bought to the table in 30mm resin.

Mike had backed the successful kickstarter and as one of his #FDWHP tasks, had assembled the two factions for us to use.

The models are superb sculpts and look great. Mike had said they were a little fiddly in places but overall were of excellent quality.

The rulebook looked nice, was well laid out and clear and the cards used for the models are some of the best laid out I’ve seen (this is the only picture I remembered to take)

The game played well and was enjoyable enough but I think I need another play before I can say that I really enjoyed it. The first issue that the game will have is the limited number of models for each faction.

We have the guys from Paranoid Miniatures on the show soon so we see how they feel the whole thing has gone and discuss Mike and my first impressions of the game.

Love and licks on your Cornetto