Its still a thing right?

A couple of years ago now a new game came out called Frostgrave. It ticked loads of boxes for me and I started to play it quite a bit.

One of the things that I liked about it was it was another figure agnostic game – it may not have escaped your notice that we like this sort of thing at Fools Daily ( a lot) – so of course I had to decide what figures I wanted to use to represent my warband.

To start with I thought about doing some sort of Necromancer type thing as I has a couple of excellent figures lying around along with a box of Skeletons that would be perfect. But that would mean using existing things and not buying new goodies and why would I want to do that.


After a quick browse of a few of my favourite websites, no not that sort of website, I decided to go with some of the excellent Discworld figures from Micro Art Studio and put this little band together (September 2015)

The plan of course was to get them finished by Christmas and then move onto the next project.

Yeah right that happened.

As is normal with my projects they moved forward in fits and starts and then months of not being touched by a brush.  Interest in Frostgrave waned, after all there is always a new game on the horizon and it looked like it might be a project that would live in half painted limbo for ever.

That is until this week.

A couple of friends of ours expressed an interest in getting some games of Frostgrave in and a gaming day was arranged.  Would this be enough to spur me to put paint onto these models?  Turned out it was and just this morning I finished up my initial Frostgave Warband, what, 2 years later.  Have to say pretty happy with how they have turned out.

IMG_2551.jpgMight add a few more bits before the gaming day, if i do will post up some more pictures.

PS  Just noticed from the picture that Ridicully has a chip on his hat.  Bugger.  Better get that touched up ASAP.

PPS I say finished but I am still debating putting some snow on the bases and they still need to be varnished but thats pretty much finished right?


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