Its called #FDWHP?

Earlier this week my fellow host and all round good egg Matt posted up his plan to do the Fools Daily Weekly Hobby Pledge or as we apparently have to call it – cause all the cool kids use hashtags – #FDWHP

Now obviously I have to take part as I am genetically unable to let him beat me at anything – have i mentioned that last time we played and I had half the models he did? – so here are my goals for this week

  1. Paint Cohen for my Frostgrave Warband (and also as a member of the Mammas Boys in Dragon Rampant)img_2557.jpg
  2. Paint my Frostgrave Treasure tokensIMG_2558
  3. Build two Mythos factions in preparation for a game later this week – they won’t be on the proper bases as waiting for those to arriveIMG_2560
  4. Yes I know there are only supposed to be 3 things but I am a try hard so lets see if I can get a bonus point and actually finish painting ThorIMG_2561.jpg

Tune in next Sunday to see how I did.

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