Hit or Mythos?

Mike and I did manage to get a game of the new game released by Paranoid Miniatures during this week. Mythos is a skirmish game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and bought to the table in 30mm resin.

Mike had backed the successful kickstarter and as one of his #FDWHP tasks, had assembled the two factions for us to use.

The models are superb sculpts and look great. Mike had said they were a little fiddly in places but overall were of excellent quality.

The rulebook looked nice, was well laid out and clear and the cards used for the models are some of the best laid out I’ve seen (this is the only picture I remembered to take)

The game played well and was enjoyable enough but I think I need another play before I can say that I really enjoyed it. The first issue that the game will have is the limited number of models for each faction.

We have the guys from Paranoid Miniatures on the show soon so we see how they feel the whole thing has gone and discuss Mike and my first impressions of the game.

Love and licks on your Cornetto



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