Thats 3 points for me

Sometimes Matt isn’t such an idiot after all.  This #FDWHP stuff actually made me do hobby this week rather than sitting in front of the XBone shooting people in the head on Overwatch.

I completed all of last weeks goals which scores me 3 points – apparently bonus points aren’t a thing so I didn’t do anything on Thor, stupid rules.

fdwhp results 1.jpg

So on to this weeks goals.

  1. When we were playing Mythos this week (a game which I lost!!!!, glad I built those figures) Matt said that he had been thinking about playing A Fistful of Kung Fu again so I need to progress thoseimg_2586.jpg
  2. I have a Frostgrave day coming up very soon with the wonderful Bunty so it would be nice to actually be fully painted for that.  After the blitz of the last couple of weeks this means I only have Detritus to finish.  Of course he is a pretty big modelIMG_0314.JPG
  3. Lastly a KS delivered this week in the form of my ECW (English Civil War, not wrestling) dwarves, so I need to get those built as well.  Exciting picture right 🙂IMG_2587.JPG


See you next week or follow me on Twitter (@oldmanmyke) to see how I get on.

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