Ascension – A town through the ages?

With all the hobby giddiness that I’m sharing with Mike, I got to thinking about about an idea I had a long time ago about a town that would feature heavily through a series of games and rulesets.

An analogy would be looking at what Stephen King did with the town of Derry in the series of books that the wrote during the late 80s and into the 90s. Derry is a mythic town that the created in Maine that served as a backdrop for several of his novels. In itself it wasn’t a ‘character’ or cause of the weird swizzle that happened but it did kinda give a sense of familiarity to the reader.

I came up with the town of Ascension ages ago as a location for my 15mm Zombie project. It was to be the site of the outbreak and the central location for the post apocalyptic gaming that follows. I kinda reintroduced the idea when Mike an I started playing This is not a Test Post Apoc rules and he graciously named the Post Apoc range that he created for The Terrain Shed after it.

Now I’m thinking that this small town on the Texas Mexico border will feature in the narrative of lots of my games from Dead Man’s Hand through to Post Apoc. There will be some notable land marks that can feature throughout and some that can evolve and change of the periods.

First venture will be the painting of the Ascension Police Department as part of this weeks #FDWHP. Perhaps unsurprisingly I have a few more cops than I remembered buying……..

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