Its Me Conrad!

So I figured I would jump on the band wagon with the #FDWHP (challenge?) I’ve done this more to ensure that I dont get a U this year and to actually prove to Mike and Matt that I DO DO stuff. (HeHe I said DoDos!)

So here I am.

It will be a short one (like Matt) as a starter.

I’ve admitted to trying to complete a BA British 1000pt force on the actual FD recording so folks are already aware of my main challenge this year. However, beta testing for Relic Knights may have spurred me on to build some figures that are in the Black Diamond “starter” play test Cadre – namely Codebreaker, the Enslaved Cypher and the Medic figures. This I did last week and if I had started last week I could have claimed them. Perhaps they will allow me the points for them if I ask nicely. I also finally completed the next 3 figures for my British BA force. I’m painting in batches of 3 as I feel it allows me to see progress and I finish stuff rather that taking on a whole batch where youn endlessly put paint on to figures and certainly in the early stages don’t feel as if you are making progress.

Did I mention that the previous week I built my Mythos crew? Well I did. I’ve been in touch with those lovely chaps at Paranoid Miniatures and have told them about my experience with the construction of these miniatures. These are true scale figures and as such are detailed. The Priory was also the first batch of miniatures that the guys were involved in and very much cut their teeth on the design and cutting of miniatures from this crew. The result is (IMHO) that there are “issues” with some of the Priory figures where certain things may break due to a miniature which looks cool but may not be as practical as it could be for a tabletop miniature. I also found that washing and soaking the resin in luke warm soapy water was a good thing to do to allow the glue to flow better and clean the resin ready for paint. The guys at Paranoid were hugely helpful and receptive of the feedback I provided and were honest with me in their responses – which I admired. At the end of the day they are made up and based and are ready for paint … or to allow me to get of Mythos in! Unfortunately with the play testing of Relic Knights, Mythos has gone on a back burner as I love me some Relic Knights.

Sooooooo, this week I will mainly be painting 3 more British Army infantry figures for Bolt Action.

Until next time, this has been me Conrad ….. I think.

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