On a roll

Second week of #FDWHP and another 3 points for me.  Its well easy this hobby lark!


Didn’t get as far as I hoped with the Fistful of Kung Fu Gang as Matt came up with his Ascension idea and I switched gangs to my Bikers and then had to design an HQ for them which meant the Kung Fu school got put back in the cabinet.  Still progress was made and thats all I can ask for.

So onto this week.

  1.  Design and build a donut shop for Matts cops to hang out in.  This is going to be based on the iconic Randys Donuts as seen in Earth Girls are Easy.
  2. I need to start getting some of my Dragon Rampant stuff painted but painting units is hard so I’m going to start off with a smaller unit.  Clever eh.  So task 2 is to paint my unit of Frost Giants (Heavy Infantry in DR terms)IMG_2628.JPG
  3. Finally I am going to do what i tried to turn into the bonus task from last week and finish off Thor for OGAM (and DR as well)  He has been knocking around almost painted for the best part of 18 months so it will do him good to get finished.IMG_2561.jpg

Next weeks update will probably be on Monday rather than Sunday as I’m away at a Malifaux event for the weekend (doing badly no doubt) but there will be plenty of other content on the blog and podcast to keep you entertained.

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