So close yet…….

#FDWHP week 2 was going so well.

Cops – managed to fully finish 8 miniatures and progress the other 19 (yeah, I may have got carried away when I bought them…)

Stripping – all 6 jars were done and minis cleaned off.

Plague Demons…….there was a bit of a difference between plan and actual on Sunday evening.


Drop kids back home

Get back

Have a cuppa

Do weapons


Pick out details


Bask in triumph


Drop kids back home

Make cuppa

Wake up 6 hours later next to a cold coffee and a beard wet from drool

Bugger – only 2 points again………

This week’s #FDWHP will see me with 3 points, dammit!!

1 – Finish Cops

2 – Finish Plague Demons

3- Progress the next unit for Dragon Rampant – 3 Minotaurs


Love and fingers





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