Ok So How Do I Score in this thing?

So week 2 begins and it looks like I need to try and list 3 hobby related things to do rather than the one! So what, I started small and easily achievable 🙂

How did I do in my week 1 you may ask? Well I managed to get some base colours on to the 3 BA Brit figures that I said I would paint – a continuing effort to get my 2nd platoon finished. Guess what? I did it! Not only that I managed to get a flesh wash on the flesh parts and put some Army Builder Strong Tone on to the figures too. How much do I earn for this please – 3pts I believe (or is it 1?)

This week I mean to progress these figures further hopefully to near completion. For this it will mean putting some highlights on to the base colours and flesh and detailing the face too. Thats as much as I hope to do.

This evening I managed to do the faces!


I believe that I need to state 2 more goals. So for no 2 (hehe no2s!), I will cut out and sleeve the next iteration of the Beta Test cards for my Black Dragons for Relic Knights.

My third goal will to get a beta test game in of v2.1 of Relic Knights and report it back to Ninja Division.

I’d like to get some stuff on ebay too soon but that is always a long slog!

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