Month: June 2017

It’s like Meatloaf said….

…2 out of 3 ain’t bad.

Well, it bloody is as far as #FDWHP is concerned. Managed to get the Tallarn done for Shadow War Armageddon. May have also ordered an old school Ogryn to add as a special operative.

And I did progress the Plague Demons including taking a test figure through to completion (bar basing)

I did not, however, finish the Tau battlesuit. I was initially convinced that I wanted to do a Farsight Enclaves list but the more I thought about it, the more I wanted to create my own Sept with a different colour scheme. So the XV9 is currently in the stripper!

2 #FDWHP points.

This week is quite busy for me in the evenings so I need to be a bit realistic.

1 – Finish the Plague Demon unit

2- Find, base and get base colours on my FFOKF police force.

3 – Sort through and clean out the 5 jars of metal minis currently being stripped and get them all cleaned off. Some are heading for eBay, some for ongoing and new projects.

On top of all this, my #New40K books should arrive this week so I may lose a little time to geekgasm over those.

No pictures of this weeks stuff yet as it’s late and a MILLION DEGREES, so I CBA.

Love and fluids


Thats 3 points for me

Sometimes Matt isn’t such an idiot after all.  This #FDWHP stuff actually made me do hobby this week rather than sitting in front of the XBone shooting people in the head on Overwatch.

I completed all of last weeks goals which scores me 3 points – apparently bonus points aren’t a thing so I didn’t do anything on Thor, stupid rules.

fdwhp results 1.jpg

So on to this weeks goals.

  1. When we were playing Mythos this week (a game which I lost!!!!, glad I built those figures) Matt said that he had been thinking about playing A Fistful of Kung Fu again so I need to progress thoseimg_2586.jpg
  2. I have a Frostgrave day coming up very soon with the wonderful Bunty so it would be nice to actually be fully painted for that.  After the blitz of the last couple of weeks this means I only have Detritus to finish.  Of course he is a pretty big modelIMG_0314.JPG
  3. Lastly a KS delivered this week in the form of my ECW (English Civil War, not wrestling) dwarves, so I need to get those built as well.  Exciting picture right 🙂IMG_2587.JPG


See you next week or follow me on Twitter (@oldmanmyke) to see how I get on.

Splendour is Splendid

If you have listened to Episode 332 then you will have heard Conrad wax lyrical about Splendour and I, as is my impulsive want, went and picked up a copy on Amazon.  That arrived late last week it arrived and over the weekend I managed to persuade the family to give it a go.

So pretty


At its heart, this is a game of chip-collecting and card development, you are a merchant during the Renaissance trying to gain enough prestige to be pre-eminant amongst your peers.  To do this you buy mines, transport routes, shops and try and entice nobles to give you their blessing.  These are all represented by various cards that cost a certain amount of chips, where the chips represent gems

.In your turn you may carry out one (and only one) action.  These are

  1. Collect 3 different gems (you may only end a turn with 10 gems in hand)
  2. Take 2 of the same gem
  3. Buy a Card
  4. Reserve a Card (put it in your hand ready for purchase when you can afford it)


To buy a card you just need to pay the cost listed in the bottom left and then you get to add it to you collection.  The cards are divided into 3 levels of cost and prestige – Lvl 1 cards often have no prestige value whereas the Lvl 3 cards can have up to 5 prestige per card.  Cards also have a gem in the top right.  This is effectively a free gem chip that never gets used up – you need these to make the higher level cards affordable.  Its all about starting small and building up.

Finally you can attract nobles


Again these have a gem cost but you can’t spend chips on them.  If you build up enough prestige cards to match the printed requirement then that noble will automatically come to you, increasing your prestige and your chance to win.

First player to 15 prestige gets all the bragging rights – in our case it was Mrs Marshall and she is exploiting those bragging rights as much as she can.

So thats the mechanics of the game, but how did it feel?

Physically the game is good, cards etc. are nice with decent artwork.  The chips are a bit substandard and plasticky.  We would have liked actual plastic gems to give it that little bit of an extra feel as if you were handling treasure.  This post on BoardGameGeek gives some good suggestions for upgrading which I might invest in.

Gameplay wise it felt pretty good.  Halfway though I realised the strategy I was using wasn’t actually going to work so had to change gears quite rapidly and my eldest became disheartened halfway though as it looked like it was all going pear shaped for her but then a couple of cards flipped and her game turned around – she would have won if we went another turn.

We all felt that it had a lot of elements of Ticket to Ride in it (single action, need to play ahead, inadvertent blocking by taking the card that you desperately needed!!!) and as that is a family favourite that was always going to be a plus.

Game took about 45 minutes but now we know the rules I think it will get closer to 30 minutes a game which is pretty much spot on for us.

You can find Splendour at Amazon and I’m sure at other retailers.  Highly recomended.


#FDWHP week 1


Here we go.

Another hobby pledge thingamajig.

My 3 tasks this week include 2 finishes and 1 to progress.

Task 1

Get some colours on my first unit for the Dark Cohort Army for Dragon Rampant. A unit of plague demons with a sorcerer.

Task 2

Finish my Tallarn Kill Team for Shadow War Armageddon.

Task 3

Finish this XV9 suit for my #New40kNewArmy. By this time next week, all of us preorder types will be keenly awaiting or, indeed have, our rules and be chomping at the bit to play

Task 4

No Mike, there are no bonus points. Buffoon.


Kisses and inappropriate touching

Matt x

Its called #FDWHP?

Earlier this week my fellow host and all round good egg Matt posted up his plan to do the Fools Daily Weekly Hobby Pledge or as we apparently have to call it – cause all the cool kids use hashtags – #FDWHP

Now obviously I have to take part as I am genetically unable to let him beat me at anything – have i mentioned that last time we played and I had half the models he did? – so here are my goals for this week

  1. Paint Cohen for my Frostgrave Warband (and also as a member of the Mammas Boys in Dragon Rampant)img_2557.jpg
  2. Paint my Frostgrave Treasure tokensIMG_2558
  3. Build two Mythos factions in preparation for a game later this week – they won’t be on the proper bases as waiting for those to arriveIMG_2560
  4. Yes I know there are only supposed to be 3 things but I am a try hard so lets see if I can get a bonus point and actually finish painting ThorIMG_2561.jpg

Tune in next Sunday to see how I did.

Its still a thing right?

A couple of years ago now a new game came out called Frostgrave. It ticked loads of boxes for me and I started to play it quite a bit.

One of the things that I liked about it was it was another figure agnostic game – it may not have escaped your notice that we like this sort of thing at Fools Daily ( a lot) – so of course I had to decide what figures I wanted to use to represent my warband.

To start with I thought about doing some sort of Necromancer type thing as I has a couple of excellent figures lying around along with a box of Skeletons that would be perfect. But that would mean using existing things and not buying new goodies and why would I want to do that.


After a quick browse of a few of my favourite websites, no not that sort of website, I decided to go with some of the excellent Discworld figures from Micro Art Studio and put this little band together (September 2015)

The plan of course was to get them finished by Christmas and then move onto the next project.

Yeah right that happened.

As is normal with my projects they moved forward in fits and starts and then months of not being touched by a brush.  Interest in Frostgrave waned, after all there is always a new game on the horizon and it looked like it might be a project that would live in half painted limbo for ever.

That is until this week.

A couple of friends of ours expressed an interest in getting some games of Frostgrave in and a gaming day was arranged.  Would this be enough to spur me to put paint onto these models?  Turned out it was and just this morning I finished up my initial Frostgave Warband, what, 2 years later.  Have to say pretty happy with how they have turned out.

IMG_2551.jpgMight add a few more bits before the gaming day, if i do will post up some more pictures.

PS  Just noticed from the picture that Ridicully has a chip on his hat.  Bugger.  Better get that touched up ASAP.

PPS I say finished but I am still debating putting some snow on the bases and they still need to be varnished but thats pretty much finished right?


Goals, targets and shizzle…

If you have been a listener for a while (check out the archive if you are new!), You will be aware of the frequency which I set and fail to meet gaming pledges, painting goals, and general forward movement in progressing hobby stuff.

Time for a new attempt to get my (and hopefully your) arse in gear for the second half of the year….Fools Daily Weekly Hobby Pledge or as I like to call it..


List 3 things, you get a point each for each accomplished. Up to you what you choose, could be assembling something, undercoating, painting, basing or playing. You know your time and the realism of what you can achieve.

Starts on Sunday 11/6. Most points at the end of the year wins……..well…… respect.

Love and hugs