So productive

Turns out that I didn’t go to the Malifaux event this weekend – reasons why are a whole other post – so you get the thrill a minute #FDWHP update on time.   Just as well I finished everything or I’d be like Matt, scrabbling around on a Saturday night trying not to fall asleep so I don’t fall further behind in the competition. Oh wait I forgot, its not a competition, its just a weekly aide to getting hobby done.  Not quite sure why it has points then, but there you go 🙂


Anyway, got all the tasks done so onto this week

  1. Write up the Dragon Rampant campaign system that I have floating around in my head.  If I don’t do it soon I will forgot everything, thats what being old does to you.
  2. Build, base and undercoat some 40k stuff.  Matt came up with an excellent idea (something that I have been saying a scary amount recently i.e. more than once) as to how to make me actually paint 40k stuff and this is part of that.


  3. Fully paint a unit of Barbarians.  TBH I’m not actually sure that I can do this but I’m going to give it a good shot, because if I can I can break the back of painting the Barbarian horde and make it much more likely that I can one day field a fully painted Dragon Rampant army.


Tune in next week to see how badly I fail

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