Total and utter failure

It’s not a new feeling.

Should be used to it by now.

Perhaps, with the benefit of hindsight, setting a goal of painting 31 miniatures in a week was a bit churlish. Especially a week which was particularly busy at work. Anyway, enough excuses…

Glued the minotaurs together. Didn’t finish either of the other tasks. 1 point.


So perhaps I need to be more realistic this week…



Mike kindly gifted me the prototype of the Doughnut Stop for Ascension. Gonna get it painted.



Played a game of Crescent and Cross Saga against Neil. He’s off to Malaysia for a month but I want to have 6 points painted when he gets back, so let’s do a point of Knights this week.



I have a plan for a basing style for my Tau that should look good and be a bit more interesting that stuff I have done previously for 40k. Do a test piece to check the concept.

What could possibly go wrong……..

Wet kisses and damp spots,



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