From the ashes

There is something stirring in the warp.  Oh wait, hold on, thats a completely different blog post.  Right lets start again.

OK so regular Fools Daily consumers* will know about Daffcon, the multi system convention that we ran in 2016 and then tried and failed to run in 2017.  If you don’t then you can listen to a podcast about it.

What you might not remember is that several years ago Smogcon (big Warmachine event) had included other systems as an experiment and I ran 3 days of Malifaux.  Indeed, the fact that Smogcon moved to be a Privateer Press event only was the genesis for my ‘Festival of Gaming’ idea that turned into Daffcon.

Well in 2018 the old organiser of Smogcon, Jon Webb,  is going back to the multi system format with a new event called Bonescon and we’ve been lucky enough to secure some space there.  In fact Jon have been very generous and allocated us 20 4×4 tables, which conveniently turns into 16 6×4.

Enter the Fools Daily Butterfly House (and I have in no way been looking on eBay for plastic butterflies to decorate the place, cause that would just be silly and we don’t do silly at Fools Daily)

Basically for the 3 days of the convention (16-18th Feb 2018) we will be running a mixture of campaign events (Dragon Rampant, Frostgrave, OGAM etc.), participation games (everything provided, you just turn up and play for 5 minutes or 5 hours), competitions (Zombie Run!) and hosted events (Mythos, Gaslands and Open Combat for instance).

Current thinking (which of course is subject to change) is that we will open the Butterfly House at around lunchtime each day, so that folks can get another event in as well and then just stay open until late for evening gaming fun.  If the demand is there we will of course open longer but I’m just not sure how many people will come to Smogcon just to hang out in the Butterfly house rather than using it as an adjunct to other games that they are wanting to play.

You can find out more details about Bonescon here and make sure you follow them on Facebook / Twitter etc.

Hope to see you there in 2018, I must admit I am very excited by the prospects


*I was going to write listeners and then thought do I have to make it listeners / readers, consumers seems to cover all bases, after all one day we might have video content as well

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