The smell of failure

This is what it must feel like to Matt every time the weekend rolls around and he has failed to do whatever hobby tasks he has set himself.  Its not a nice feeling.  Always used to hate getting ‘must try harder’ on my school report (yes they did have school when I was a child and no it wasn’t full of classes like dodge the dinosaur) but with this weeks #FDWHP thats pretty much what i have got.

Failed to finish painting the Barbarians – though I have got them pretty close.  Front 4 are finished, back 4 are 90% done.


Failed to build and base the 40k stuff – though I have got them pretty close, about an hours worth of work left on them


Finally totally failed to write up the Dragon Rampant campaign ideas.  Not even close.

So not great.

Ah well, onwards and upwards.

This week is all terrain related, finally time to get some ideas that have been bubbling around in my head finished.

  1. Design some industrial chemical tanks
  2. Design some Post Apocalyptic shacks
  3. Design some Post Apocalyptic walls.

Lets see if I can get these done.

Also from next week going to be posting my weekly weight loss.  A couple of years ago I lost nearly 5 stone doing SW but have put a large chunk of that back on.  Time for it to go and publicly posting progress reports is a great motivational tool.

I know you can’t weight (see what I did there)




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