A missed opportunity…..

Failure doesn’t just have a smell. It has a taste.

Kinda like a salty cheese. And not a good salty cheese.

With Mike’s total failure, I should have been able to draw back some points, and close the gap in the ‘not competition’.

But I only got 1 thing done. Bugger.

Failed to get the Knights or Donut shop done but did manage the test piece for the Tau basing done.

oh well, shizzle happens.

This week’s task is a simple one. 3 points of Crusaders for Saga. I start my new job this week which gives me loads of extra hobby time so expect more podcasts and blogging.

On the fat bastard front, I will too be tracking my weight loss on here in order to be less of a fat bastard. Today is the starting point with a weigh in at 123.2 kilos. 

Id like to lose 1.5 kilos during this week………

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