Episode 340 – Other terrain companies are available


In which Mike and Matt are joined by James Hewitt  ex GW designer to talk about his new venture Needy Cat Games.

We cover his gaming background, his thoughts on where the industry is at the moment and what its like leaving the safety blanket that working for GW gets you.

Obviously us being us the conversation then goes down several different paths, often at the same time as we discover what he’s playing at the moment, gaming tropes / mechanics he likes, things like that.

Oh and we also find out his views on Dark Knight (wrong) and GoTG2 (right)

As an aside huge congratulations to Gav on his Gemmel, very well deserved.


Direct Link – http://www.foolsdaily.com/fools_340.mp3

Lets face it, I’m a complete geek, wargaming, xbox games and playing with lasers. I tried 3D printing but it made my head hurt. Flighty in the extreme, hobby projects last a couple of days before moving onto the next one

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