Plain Sailing its not

This is becoming a worrying trend as its the second week in a row that I’ve failed my FDWHP goals.  Was supposed to make up 3 pieces of post apocalyptic terrain but in the end only made 1, the bio sludge tank


So only 1 point.

Now this isn’t to say that I haven’t been doing hobby because I certainly have.  This week I’ve done the following;

  • Progressed my Dead Mans Hand Gang
  • Designed and built some pirate buildings for use in Blood and Plunder
  • Finished basing and undercoating my 40k stuff from last week
  • Progressed my Dragon Rampant painting competition entry

and finally I ran a 20 odd person gaming event at my house over the weekend – bloody bunch of reprobates.


But frankly that isn’t an excuse.

The whole point of FDWHP is to keep us focused on the things that need doing, rather than just doing ‘hobby’ as without that focus i end up with a million projects started and very few finished.

So this week I shall be cracking on with the following

  • Finish painting one of the models my ChibiMisaki crew
  • Build and Base my Route 666 stuff in preparation for Gaslands
  • Design and Build a church for Father Wilson based on this little beauty for use in Ascension


Lets see how I can get on


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