Deary Me

Progress report from last week (commencing 10th July).

ebay stuff – all out bar one package (bloke hasnt paid so he is NOT getting his stuff). I made a small fortune from stuff sold on ebay which will fuel hobby needs ie LoTR and 40k. So thats a point!

Managed to move Tanelorn our of it’s old premises at the Ex Serviceman’s Club in Leytonstone to the new venue at EXP Leisure in Stratford. Getting out was easy. I think it took the 5 of us about 20mins. Getting in to the new venue was HARD work. 4 external flights of steps wiped us all out! I shook the hand of one of the Ex Serviceman’s Club Committee members and said thanks for the last 7 years. There were some short mumblings and that was that. Not one bit of interest in what we were doing, if we had somewhere else to go or a thanks for your support over the last few years. Sadness from me.

The new venue is stupendous and reminds me of the early days of Firestorm in Cardiff on Trade Street before it became the South West gaming centre. The club is an an old Wharf warehouse on a canal. Its a pretty awesome building. Some pics can be found on the club Facebook page but you can see some pics on our ABOUT THE CLUB page here

We held our first club day at the new venue on Sunday 16th and there was a real buzz from our club members about the place. It has really excited me moving to EXP. Lets hope it all works out for the greater good as we are calling it the “3rd Age of Tanelorn”. I reckon the move is worth 2 points myself!

One last thing is I managed to get a game of 8th edition 40k at my mate Nick’s house last Friday. Eldar versus Marines. I really enjoyed the game. So much so I have been looking at the rules! I think that as the new Space Marines Codex is coming out for pre-order, its very likely that I will be building an Imperial Fist force to match my Epic Space Marines. I have not been happy with the choice of Tau for a while. The models do not inspire me 100% and that is what drives me hobby wise. I love their vehicles, I love the Kroot, I am not totally taken with the manga-esque troops and suits etc.

So onto the week commening the 17th July. What can I do this week? In my bid to continue clearing stuff out I’m going to try and put as much of my Circle of Orboros stuff on ebay. The simple reality is that I one too many factions for Hordes/Warmachine and I will never have time to finish building and painting these models. I am happy with my Cygnar and Minions – even though the Piggies (minions) are not built.

Secondly I am going to build a troll for LoTR.

Lastly I am going to progress those Brits again – honest I am!


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