A worrying trend

I’m not sure I like this.  After starting out strongly this was another week where I didn’t complete my FDWHP goals.

I managed two of them as Father Wilson now has a lovely church to call his own


and my Route 666 stuff is based and undercoated ready for Gaslands


bet despite having 3 days to finish one model I just had no painting mojo and didn’t paint a model for my Chibaki crew.

But then you get weeks like that, where you just don’t feel like picking up a paint brush and doing anything with that side of the hobby.  Its the most time consuming and skill intensive thing that we as hobbyists do – the closest to pure art – and you have to be feeling it or the outcomes will just end up in a pot of paintstripper.

I am feeling it this week though so think i will make my goals all painting related – the kids are on summer holidays so hiding in the office sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Right then

  1. Paint 2 Chisaki Models
  2. Paint a Burrows and Badgers test model
  3. Progress my DMH gang.

In between that lot I need to push on with my Dragon Rampant facebook group competition entry.

Wonder how spectacularly well i can fail at that.




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