Progress means Progress

So this FDWHP is more of a guideline right? These are things I might do.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  If something else doesn’t come along.  Thats how we couched it right?


Oh OK then, another week another failure.

Not horrendously as I did manage to paint one Chibi to a finish and made good solid progress on 2 more, got a lot of paint onto Father Wilsons followers and even started to put some basecoats down on a Burrows and Badger miniature (a lovely Ferret Rogue) .  Still it wasn’t what I said I would be doing as, per usual, stuff happened.


Pirates arrived for Blood and Plunder (found some lovely Elizabethan models from Foundry that I decided to use), some new buildings got made, Skyrim got in the way (Bad Skyrim)



Oh and that Dragon Rampant painting entry I talked about last week.  Yeah didn’t get that done either.

This week it will be all different.  Honest.

  1.  Finish 2 Chibis (different ones from last week)
  2. Do two more pirate type buildings, probably a stables and a hacienda
  3. More DMH progress – they are getting close to finished and having that whole genre locked down will be a big thing.

Right that should do.



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