Giving Up

The purpose of FDWHP was to bring some focus to our flighty minds and keep us concentrated on getting stuff done.  An lofty aim when you have a million and one hobby projects on the go at any one time.

However for me it has turned into a millstone around my neck and is actually preventing me from doing any hobby as I look at the tasks that I am supposed to be doing and then look at what I actually want to do on any particular day and finding they don’t align at all.

Which means I don’t do what I am supposed to be doing but also don’t do what I want to be doing which just leads to nothing getting done.

Hopeless all round.

Its like the stupidness of making New Years resolutions every week.  Start off with great intentions but ultimately nothing happens.

So for me at least I’m done with the concept.  Work on what you want and paint what you want when you want.

I’ll still be updating every week on what hobby I’ve done, I just won’t be predetermining what I am going to work on.



2 thoughts on “Giving Up”

  1. Fine. The number of times I go to the hobby room with one intent only to return having done something different are countless. Just take solace in the fact that you achieved something hobbyish each week. And share it with us.

  2. Mike great words
    As hobbyists we always imagine more than we can physically achieve, wether it be an army painted to White Dwarf painted standard or an amazing battlefield covered with the best terrain. The one thing that’s against us is time and as we get older our hobby time becomes more precious to us. We have more and more commitments , be it work , family or other external distractions. So we need to get the most out of the time allotted to hobby.
    Setting goals that are achievable is a great way to do this but it should not become the mill stone that breaks us , we do this hobby for fun and to relax our brains from the real world it should not become an added pressure or what’s the point in doing it.(it no longer becomes a hobby)
    So having a plan is great but you should always go with what makes you happy in this wonderful hobby

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