Busy Busy


With the demise of FDWHP I have been able to flit between projects this week, completing next to nothing but still getting a lot done.

First up was working on 7TV stuff that will be used in the Butterfly House next year as I finally pulled the trigger on a basing scheme.  I had been going back and forth on using transparent bases but in the end just decided to go sands and tufts so that they matched in with everything else that I have been working on recently.  This meant I was finally able to finish off the Lvl 1 security grunts and made decent progress on the lvl2s as well.


Then I finished up another Chibi in the form of Sensei Yu for my Chibi based Malifaux crew.  Have to say I am very pleased with how this one has come out and the crew as a whole is looking very nice.

I’ve committed to actually playing in an event with them in October (Joel and Eless are running a Halloween based story encounter) and it would be nice to have them fully painted by then.  I’ve started on the next two models but unfortunately Basketheads paint job all went horribly wrong so into the paint stripper he went.   TBF this is not an unusual occurance for my painting, its got to be right otherwise why bother.

Then the week turned into a basing and undercoating extravaganza as the Draculas America Nickstarter turned up – expect a review when we next record – and bits for a new OGAM / DR force arrived as well.


Thats a lot of figures.

What else?  Oh yes played a game of Massive Darkness with Matt and my eldest daughter, expect to hear a lot more about this in the future as we really really liked it.  I’m a sucker for dungeon crawls at the best of times and this one has some excellent mechanics to it.  Seen some stuff online saying its pretty easy but if it is we must be doing something wrong as we were dead halfway through the dungeon.

Finally I did some work for Terrain Shed in the form of another building for the Rum and Villainy range (pirates).  I was hoping to get it finished this week but frankly thats looking unlikely as I’m off on my summer holidays with the family.  Stupid real lives getting in the way of hobby time.IMG_0239.JPG

Right, will be posting from the beach next.  Laterz


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