MAGE II – The Butterfly Games

So every year I try and run a event at my house that caters to both the lighter side of gaming and the whole social thing. You can see in the picture the bunch of reprobates that came to this years event. In the past these have all been Malifaux related, but as the spread of games that I play on a semi regular basis has expanded I wanted to expand what MAGE does as well – it does stand for Mikes Annual Gaming Extravaganza after all – and thus I have come up with the concept of the Butterfly Games.

Now I will be the first to admit that this isn’t a fully fleshed idea yet – I haven’t even booked the hall yet – but the rough plan is that there will be 7 rounds over the two days and each round will be for a different game. There will be things like jokers to give you double points in a game and the ability to skip a round if its a game you really don’t want to play but knowing the folks who come to these sort of events (bunch of try hards they are) I can’t see much skipping occurring. Miss out on points, not likely 😀

The games I am considering at the moment are

  • Malifaux
  • Guildball
  • Open Combat
  • Batman
  • Dragon Rampant
  • Dead Mans Hand
  • Gaslands

Throw in a couple of big multi player games (Zombicide has a lot of fun potential) and you get a decent gaming weekend. Well I think its a decent gaming weekend anyway.

If this even sounds vaguely interesting to you then please let me know so that when I firm more stuff up I can let you know. Also if there is a game that you think should be on the list that I have forgotten about, then let me know that as well, as I say its all still very fluid.

Until next time, I’ve been Mike

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