Time to get back on it…..

Been a while since I came in your eyeholes, sorry about that.


First off….yes I did get the tau all done and then couldn’t go to the event due to a family issue. Joel, Lee and Mike all paid up promptly and I sat comfortably on my moral high ground (well, I may have left it until 72 hrs before the event to crack on but still finished the blighters)


While they were in the ‘planning stage’ (more like the denial phase) Knight Models released the 2nd Edition of the Batman Miniatures Game. There are new crews in resin and streamlined and updated rules. I have been looking for something to replace Malifaux as my low model count crew type game so I worked hard (wasn’t hard) to get Mike excited about wanting to play.


He has gone for the Joker and Harley Quinn and I’ve chosen Bane but I am fairly sure that we will have a few varying gangs……

The tournament scene for BMG seems quite southern-centric and small but active. Looks like the FD wagon will be hitching itself to this for next year.

The rules are available for free as a download from Knight Models (as are the model cards) and have been updated a couple of times due to errata and updates. They seem good so watch this space and hopefully we’ll do some recording soon.

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