The first rule of #hobbystreak is …

So a while back Matt and I tried out the Fools Daily Weekly Hobby Pledge (#FDWHP) where we would set ourselves a few hobby goals for the week and then report back how we did with them.  As with all these things it started out swimmingly but after a few weeks we found that it was having the opposite effect on our hobby as it was constraining us to doing a particular thing.

Now for normal folks this wouldn’t be a problem but being the flighty gamers that we are having this sort of restriction on what we could do meant that we ended up not doing anything and thus just went and played on the xbox instead.  This is not good for getting projects done.  However what the last few months have shown is that without some sort of structure / goal / boasting outlet what we end up with is nothing getting done at all as all sorts of procrastination takes place – its why we haven’t done any audio for a while.

Which brings us to #hobbystreak.   Thought up by much cleverer minds that ours – thought I’m not sure who first came up with the idea – this is basically the FDWHP boiled down to a day by day way of recording hobby progress.   The rules are as follows:


Simple right?  As I write this I am up to a 3 day streak and hopefully will be able to push it on for at least a few more days.

So why not join in and see how far you can get your streak.


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