Don’t look back in anger!

Its become sort of traditional in the old social medias to do a retrospective of the gaming year and then look forward to all the things that you are going to fail to do in the new one, and frankly, who am I to be different, its a couple of blog articles at least ūüôā

However whilst trying to write this article I found it very very difficult as its been a very funny one in gaming terms in that I have actually done very little.  This has, in the main, been driven by the fact that as I have documented elsewhere, I have fallen out of love with the competitive scene for Malifaux, which is the game that has really sustained the whole hobby experience for the last five years.  This has meant that I have travelled to less events and thus had less hobby immersion Рits a well known fact that doing hobby leads to doing more hobby- and this lack of immersion has shown in everything else.  Look at how much audio we have recorded for example.  A shoddy performance to say the least.

The other thing big thing that hit my gaming was the failure of Daffcon. ¬†Given the success of the 2016 event I felt for sure that this was going to be a big stride forward and I could continue to grow my dream of giving all the smaller games out there a platform to collect their fans together and then cross pollinate. ¬†Of course this didn’t happen and I found myself with a failure on my hands. ¬†This not only led to me disappointing the folks who had purchased tickets but also those games producers who had been looking forward to having somewhere to showcase their products.

Both of these basically meant that I didn’t want to do gaming stuff despite trying several initiatives to keep motivation up. ¬† #FDWHP helped for a bit, and I did get some long term projects finished off – I’m particularly pleased that I got the Discworld models completed


Р but like most of these things do, it fell by the wayside as there are only so many weeks you can beat Matt at something without it becoming boring and samey.

Same with #hobbystreak. It started really well with me getting a lot of an AoS undead army built, but then I actually played AoS and my enthusiasm for it went out the window.

In fact that happened a lot this year.   New 40k sounded like the best thing ever but the min maxing that had put me off the scene years ago continued without as much as a pause and with the realisation that despite the change in rules (something which i think is an excellent choice) the same problems with the game remained, its just not something that I want to be involved in.  Still it might actually get me off my arse and make me write down the set of squad based sci fi rules that i have had bouncing around in my head for the past couple of years.  They are probably rubbish but until I write them down I will never know.

My other own game project “Monster Smash!” also stalled as I hit a seemingly impenetrable brick wall in my visualisation of the game and how i wanted it to play. ¬†Fortunately a discussion with the mighty Gav Thorpe (should that be Gemmel Award winning Gav Thorpe?) over a coffee in Bugmans showed me an alternate way that I could achieve what I was thinking about and hopefully that will be something that ¬†I progress in 2018 – more on that in the next blog post though.

Reading back through the above it seems like this has been a disastrous gaming year but there have been some awesome highs as well.  The Malifaux ITC saw 22 teams from around the world descend on Stockport for 2 days of team competition at which everyone seemed to have a great time and I am looking forward to running it again in 2018 immensely.  MAGE was probably my favourite weekend of the year, having so many great friends descend on the house for a weekend where the gaming is very much secondary to having a good crack is an experience like none other.  Only downer about it was missing Conrad, but then I miss him all the time.  Hopefully will see him more in 2018.

Various painting projects took little baby steps forward, especially in my Barbarians and Dragon Rampant is still a game I very much enjoy playing, though our plans for a campaign didn’t really come to anything. ¬†Same as the plans for Ascension though I feel those will continue in 2018, stories and campaigns are definitely the way forward for me.

Also played various new games, top amongst them was the new edition of Batman from Knight Models that gave me the narrative gaming feel that I need – though tbf, no game does it as well as Dead Mans Hand does.

I also managed to sell a lot of stuff including all my old skaven, some of which I had had since the mid 80s.  That was a tough decision but having them around was actually having the affect of holding me back on committing to other things as they were there saying, give us modern paint jobs Mike, bring us up to scratch, so getting them out the house was a big plus.  It has also made selling other stuff easier, if I can get rid of them, then I can get rid of anything.

Also bought a lot of new games. ¬†Failed spectacularly to play any of them, but I did purchase a lot ūüôā


One day I might get around to playing some of them.

Right, think thats enough wallowing in the year that was 2017.  Next post will be 2018 hopes and desires.  With a bit of luck it will turn into a much better year.


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