The Masterplan

Right lets see them nick this article title, cheeky buggers that they are.

Anyway.  Welcome to 2018, New Year so new gaming resolutions for us to fail at.  Still its fun to at least try to think what you are going to do over the next year, might even do some of it!

This will be the first year in a while where I don’t have several events already booked into the calendar to run which is a nice change of pace as it means I can go with the flow slightly more.  The two three that I have committed to are:

  • Malifaux ITC (nothing needs doing)
  • Butterfly House at Bonescon (loads needs doing)
  • MAGE II sometime in the summer (some stuff needs doing)

and these are going to drive my painting for the first half of the year.

One of the things I am most looking forward to in the Butterfly House is the hybrid 7TV / Dungeon Crawl that i am going to run and I very much want all the models for it to be painted – just base colours if necessary but paint on them at the very least, so this is going to drive the next 6 weeks. If I can I’m also going to try and paint all the terrain as well, perhaps have a terrain painting weekend with the boys and blitz through it all but thats more nebulous.IMG_0421.jpg

After that MAGE takes over and I’m going to commit to having all the models the 7 games that make up the event painted.  Now I have’t fully decided what the 7 games are going to be yet but I’m sure that will all work out fine – they will all be small scale games anyway so its not like I am going to have to do a Matt and paint an AoS / 40k army in 2 days.

This will take me to the  mid year point and I honestly have no idea what I will think about painting next.  Probably all the things that I haven’t painted in the run up to MAGE but lets think happy thoughts right!

Game wise there are a few things on the horizon that I am looking forward to, firstly 2nd Edition SAGA.   I think I have talked on here before about how I love SAGA and would do more if an ‘overly historical attitude to figures’ wasn’t present in the wider scene (which I find slightly ironic given the gamey rulesbending tricks that event players seem to use).  With the forthcoming 2nd Edition though and the expansion into ‘fantasy’ tropes that some of the expansions are promising I hope to get involved in a few events for that.

The 2nd game I am looking forward to is Fallout.  I love the video games and that models that Modephius have been previewing look amazing.  I have some concerns about how the rules have been talked about in the previews but I’m certainly happy to give it a try and worse case scenario, there are plenty of other rules to use the models with.

Final game I am looking forward to is Burrows and Badgers.  The game is fantastic, the models are fantastic and I’m really hoping that it gets the success that it richly deserves.  There is a player base out there waiting for a new ‘Mordheim’ and B&B delivers that experience in spades.  With cute little critters as well 🙂

The final pole in my tripod of gaming is I guess actually doing some.  Need to do what Conrad does (for he is wise like Yoda) and just pick a regular night that we get together and play stuff.  Couple that with some extended gaming days like the recent Christmas gaming we did at Wayland and hopefully I will actually play stuff this year.


Oh I forgot something didn’t I.  Audio and Video.  Will this be the year that we get Fools Daily TV off the ground?  Will we get anything like a regular recording schedule (I’d like to be pushing out 3 episodes a week) Who knows.  I certainly don’t.

Finally, thank you for reading this, coming to one of our events, listening to one of the podcasts or just tweeting at us. We (and I speak for everyone here, its what I do) really appreciate it.

Hope you have a great 2018 and I love each and everyone of you.




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