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Well it seems like a new year has sparked some life back into the Fools Daily collective and Matt and I have decided that Monday afternoons are going to be our regular gaming time for the next few months.

First up we are going to play out a small Dragon Rampant campaign – basically 6 linked scenarios with some rules (that I haven’t written yet) for continuing with the same force (injuries, heroic prowess etc.)  as Boris Bear Rider invades the land of Nippon which are defended by Mattsuki San (I have no idea what Matt calls his general, probably that one with big stick)

First scenario is something like this:

Scenario One – Border Raid

The eyes of Boris Bear Rider have turned enviously to the fertile lands of Nippon and his scouts have identified a small village just waiting for its riches to be plucked.  As dawn breaks, he launches his forces into attack.

Setup: The table should be set up with a group of buildings (5-6) in the centre, representing the village.  No building should be closer than 12” to the long table edge and 24” from the short edges (basically a 2’ square in the middle of the table).  There should also be a piece of terrain that represents the alarm beacon. Place a loot counter on each building

Deployment: Defender deploys half of his force within 12” of the village and can deploy within the village itself.  The other half is held off table waiting for an alarm that may never come.

Attacker can deploy within 12” of either short edge.

For the first 3 turns of the game visibility is restricted to 8”, after 3 turns the sun has risen and you can see normally.

The attacker is trying to loot the village.  Any attacking unit that is next to a building with a loot counter may attempt to loot it by using their activation.  A 7+ is needed.

The defender, unsurprisingly is trying to drive off the attacker.  Once the attacker has been spotted the alarm can be raised.  Any unit that can see an enemy unit and is NOT engaged in combat can raise the alarm.  If the alarm is raised then the defender can light the beacon and in the next turn will be able to deploy their reinforcements.  To do this a unit needs to be in contact with the Beacon and needs to roll a 7+ in their activation.

Reinforcements can be deployed on any table edge

The game ends when either of the victory conditions is achieved

  • Attacker gains 4 or more loot counters
  • Defend destroys or batters at least 50% of the units in the attackers’ force.


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