Monster Smash, Adventures in the Core, 2077 and more

Everyone has a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay.

Its a bit unclear who actually said the above, or indeed, if someone actually said it, but its a punchy quote (ish) to start this piece off with I thought.  Especially as for most gamers you could replace book with game and you would be pretty much spot on.

Having said that though, if you are a Fools Daily listener then the games in your head are probably top notch and if you are a Fools Daily contributor then obviously your games are going to be world beaters and why haven’t we got them down on the page yet?

Well thats sort of what this article is about, set the scene for some of the things that we are working on and give you ammunition for when you see us to go – have you finished working on xxx yet?

So heres a few of the things that are lurching around at the moment

Adventures in the Core

So this was an idea that Conrad and I had about a game riffing on all those excellent pulp themes about the centre of the earth being hollow and surface mans attempts to exploit what he finds there.  The basic premise is that the Earth is actually a museum and our current civilisation just happens to be the current exhibit.  However the caretakers have gone missing and security in the holding areas is breaking down.  Basically it was an excuse to get some plastic dinosaurs and put them on the table.  We played several demo games of a very early alpha version at Daffcon in 2016 but then nothing really happened beyond that.  Issues with the size of game, what market we were aiming at etc. stymied progress and meant that is sort of slipped off the radar.  The core mechanics seemed solid though using an opposed d10 system which gave some interesting choices when playing where you wanted to use your dice.  The wind was also taken out of our sails when other companies produced ‘centre of the earth’ games that riffed on the very same themes that we were.  TBH I don’t know if this will ever see release beyond perhaps a participation game at some trade show but I certainly learnt a lot and we got a kickass piece of artwork out of the whole process.

core cover.png
The cover artwork we commissioned 

Monster Smash!


This was / is inspired by my love of monster movies big and small which combined with the awesomeness that is Pacific Rim to give me a game of large monsters hitting each other with chunks of buildings, cars and maybe even the odd ship.  It also gave a simpler framework in which the d10 based opposed roll mechanics could be tested without the baggage that came with AitC.  After building out the initial rules I hit a really bad writers block on where the game was going to go, especially around destructible terrain but a conversation with Gav Thorpe cleared some of that away and then a second conversation with Mike Hutchinson got me fired up to make the effort to try and turn this into a real game in the second half of this year.  If you are interested you can take a look at the current state of play as there are downloadable copies of both rules and make a monster documents.


If you have ever listened to Fools Daily you will know I love a good dungeon crawl.  There is something about them that I just connect with and tbh, its probably my favourite form of gaming.  However for the longest time I’ve wanted to play a sci fi version and just haven’t found one.  Fantasy based ones up the wazoo (I also know of a Post Apocalyptic one that is in development (slowly)) but nothing Sci Fi based.

So Salvage is a plan I have for making my own, but its a long drawn out process, especially if I actually want to turn it into a boxed game that can go on retail shelves.

So first up as a mechanics test will be a fantasy / myth based version that I am currently calling Labyrinth.  Originally it was going to be a straight Heroquest type thing that I would run participation games of at Bonescon 2018, but again, as these things do, the idea has mutated and currently I am thinking its going to be a Mythic based game, probably using Greeks.  Think Jason and the Argonauts but in a dungeon.  If the mechanics work then transfering them over to Salvage should be relatively easy and give me a step up.


Finally we come to 2077, a pure gang based skirmish game set, unsurprisingly, in the the year 2077.  Pure Cyberpunk.  Think Blade Runner meets Altered Carbon with a good chunk of Neuromancer and Snowcrash thrown in.   This will be my attempt at the Sci Fi game that I have spent the best part of 15 years looking for and not finding.  Only got myself to blame then.  Currently I am roughing out a timeline, basic initial gangs etc. before I start putting some mechanics together – though I do have some basic concepts of those scribbled on the back of the proverbial fag packet.  I’ll probably do another blog post about this one later this week as its the one that I am working on now, so is at the forefront of my mind.


So there you go, hopefully some of these might actually see the light of day, if not, I will only have myself to blame and I’m not sure I can handle the guilt.  I mean its not like they need to be good or anything.


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