New Year – New efforts

2018 sucked. It was fu##ing awful.

The world became a less tolerant, hate filled place. We argued over Brexit, Trump, race, faith, money, sport, food and everything in between.

Even worse, Mike and me barely played any games, didn’t record and barely blogged.

2019 will be better.


As is the tradition for this time of year – hobby pledges must be made.

I have 2.

The first came about through realising that even though had had played very few games during the year, I still spent a f##k tonne of money. I have piles of stuff that I have no intention of using. Armies that I want to use that I need to paint.

Hence #costneutralhobby2019. A ridiculous idea that I want to try and get through the year without having spent any money on the hobby. With the amount I have to sell, I should be able to fund the small amounts I need to buy. Ambitious – yes. Ridiculous – hopefully not.

The second pledge is #12projects12months.

With the amount I have to paint, I’ve set myself the goal of completing stuff this year. Some linked to events, some just linked to a desire to complete. My 12 projects are:

A Saga 6 point Norman force

A Saga 6 point Crusader force – different stuff to the Normans

The Samurai ‘Good guys’ army – 36 points of Dragon Rampant

The Samurai ‘Bad guys’ army – as above

2000 points of Seraphon for Age of Sigmar

2000 points of Freeguild for Age of Sigmar

2000 point 40k Army

A standard 7TV cast of 50 points

Bloodbowl Nurgle team

A pulp 7TV cast of 50 points

An Epic 40k 2000 point army

Necromunda Van Saar force

I also want to record with Mike and blog more, we’ll see how that goes……….

love and stuff



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