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You might have noticed from the last couple of posts that I’ve made that I’m quite excited by SAGA: AoM.  I mean I’ve always loved fantasy gaming but apart from the Skaven that I collected over 30 years I’ve never really had another fantasy army.  The ones that were on offer from GW were too much GW fluff and not enough Mike fluff if you know what I mean.  Just couldn’t put my own stamp on the story and that meant that whilst I got excited by the figures I just couldn’t get my head into a painting mindset to sit down and sort out an army – the same reason I don’t play 40k as well.

With AoM though I can make the armies that I want, using the figures that I want and create the narrative that I want which as I’ve talked about before goes far beyond just naming the characters.

So I thought I would take this blog post to talk about a couple of the forces that I am putting together for when the Barbarians are finished.

First up is something to use the Lords of the Wild Board (the one that you would stick Beastmen and Woodelves into if you were doing GW army comparisons)

As well as the generic force composition that the battleboard gives you there are also a couple of variant compositions that offer a more restricted force.  The payoff for using one of these is that you will get some sort of special rule to give that force more character.  In the Lords of the Wild force these variants are The Arachnaean Jungle (think lots of spider riders) and the Minotaurs of the Black Hills.  This was the list that attracted me.  However not as Minotaurs but as Werewolves.

Several years ago I backed the CMoN Wrath of Kings KS and whilst the finished game did nothing for me at all, it produced some absolutely gorgeous miniatures that I’ve never really been able to use until now.  So quick rebase, add in some GW Fenrisian Wolves that I had got in a trade and my 8 point warband was born.

Awoooooow, Werewolves of Norfolk
  • Warlord
  • Sorcerer
  • 6 points of creatures (split 4/3/3/2)
  • Monster

It really is that simple and really is that few figures.  Could do exactly the same warband with Ogre models or perhaps trolls.  Only model I am unhappy with is the Giant Bear as my Monster but I have plans to replace it with an even bigger Werewolf (of course)

Second force that I am currently working on is an Otherworld list (think Demons)  My original plan for this was to use my Egyptian based models that I have for the Cult of Set as the army for this board with the demons being snakes etc. but the Otherworld list doesn’t use levies (guess they have all been sacrificed) and in my mind the Cult of Set is full of worshippers and elites.  Very little actual soldier types.  So it was back to the drawing board with those and I needed something else to fill in.

Reading through the list one of the things that struck me was that you can upgrade your warlord to be an Archdemon at the cost of a point.  Archdemon sounds a lot like a god to me and then the answer revealed itself.

Another of my ongoing (neverending???) projects is a generic dungeon crawl game, but to get that working I needed a theme for the models and I had ended up with a lot of Greek mythological types as well as a set of the models from Mythic Battles: Pantheon.

This meant all I needed to do was create a Greek God list with mythical creatures instead of demons.  As the meerkats say, simples.

Zero to Hero

So I have Minotaurmen and Harpies as my warriors, Greek Heroes as my Hearthguard, Smaller Mythical creatures (Gorgon, Nemean Lion and Minotaur) as my creatures and Cerberus and the Hydra as my monsters (both behemoths)  All led by Zeus himself.  Should look really nice painted 🙂

So thats my next two AoM projects.  Hopefully this post gives you an idea of how easy it is to take some models that you love and turn them into an AoM force, ready for some events in the near future.

Here be  dragons 2.jpg

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