I’m confused

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m quite an old fellow (not Conrad old obviously) and maybe the brain doesn’t work as well as it used to but this week I’ve found myself getting very confused by what, on paper, should be a very simple game, Age of Sigmar (AoS for short), mainly around picking an army.  Not what army to pick, that was easy as I’ve gone for something that should be very simple to paint, but how to actually decide what models I am going to put on the tabletop.

Better go back to the beginning.

A friend of ours Ben Crowe was running an AoS Narrative event a couple of weeks ago and I had signed up to play in it along with Matt, Lee and the boy Rory.  The fact that it was AoS (which I’ve not really played) was irrelevant, it was a chance to get away with some good friends and push some toys around the table.  My plan was to take a load of old early 90s Empire models, mainly because I thought it would be fun to put models on the table that were older than my opponents and as there was no painting requirement the fact that I am a slacker didn’t matter.  In the end I was unable to make it due to family issues but the rest of the crew went and had a fantastic time with Matt assuring me that they were the sort of gamers that we like to play against – results very much a secondary consideration.

This of course means that we are going to be playing some more AoS in the future and for this I need a painted army.  Being honest, the Empire project is a long long term thing so I needed another army that I could get done very simply and wouldn’t be a huge amount of models.  Quick look at the GW website lead me quite easily to Deamons and specifically the Blades of Khorne.   Stick with the deamonic troops and its a quick red spray and wash job to get them to a tabletop standard, which is all I am going to be aiming for.  All i needed to do now is decide what I was actually going to put on the table.

To this end I took a quick!! (its not a quick drive from Norfolk) trip to Warhammer World  picked up the book and a start collecting box whilst having a lovely burger.  The unit cards were sold out but I quickly found a source on eBay (though firstly I did make the mistake of purchasing the previous edition – who knew that AoS codexes have 2 versions already) so thought I was ready to go.

Reading the book though just left me very confused indeed.  Not around troop types, those are all very straightforward but all the ancillary stuff around it. Battle Traits, Command Traits, Artefacts, Judgements, the list goes on and on and the explanations of what and where you use each is woefully lacking.  No nice ‘how to build an army’ section to help me out, just thrown in at the deep end.

Fortunately I already knew there was an online army builder available (Ayzr), so I was able to use that to answer some of my problems but if I hadn’t then I think I would probably have just given up.

I guess that most folks will either have a load of pre knowledge about how it all works or a group that they are playing in but I can’t help think that if you are just making your first steps into the game then it could be slightly easier for you to get into and understand,  even if its something as simple as a one page generic step by step guide which not only explains what the methodology is but also what the terms all mean – I’m still not sure what a Command Trait is, perhaps it is explained in another book.

The book itself though is a work of art and the hobby section is lovely indeed, no-one else makes gaming books as well as GW does from a production POV

Right better go ask Rory if I’m doing it right


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