Over Invested??

Got another DnD session tomorrow in Birmingham and as I sit here watching the cricket I’m thinking about how my character has developed over the past year and wondering if other folks do the same sort of thing.  I mean I know I tend to over invest in the story aspect of miniature games but surely RPGs are different and everyone has the same sort of story thoughts.

Krunk started off as a typical thick Half Orc Berserker running every which shouting monster.  The rest of the party would continually make jokes about child reins for him as he would get them into (and fortunately out of) bad situations but as we went on he was becoming more and more one dimensional to play, after all there is only so much you can do with that sort of character.  At this point I didn’t really have a lot of background for him beyond some character traits that had developed over the sessions but after we rescued a wizard I decided that I would use the offered reward to increase my intelligence – so Krunk wrote the following letter (which brought a collective smile to our DnD Whatsapp group)Screenshot 2019-03-03 21.28.38.png

This increased my intelligence to 10 and I decided that what had actually happened was that the wizard repaired some previous brain damage that Krunk had sustained and that he would start to remember where he came from and his back story.   Combining this with starting to take levels in fighter rather than barbarian as if some previous knowledge was returned.  Of course this all meant that I needed to come up with some more backstory and more importantly communicate this not only to my fellow party members but also our lovely DM Joel so that if he wanted he could incorporate threads of the story into the ongoing campaign narrative – this is the mark of a great DM, they let the players direct the story rather than imposing their vision on the players.

To this end I came up with a 10 things that you didn’t know about Krunk list that sketches out in broad strokes the tragic story of his life

  1. Krunk was leader of his tribe and was married to his childhood sweetheart Kayala
  2. His brother was jealous and murdered Kayala framing Krunk
  3. Krunk was stripped of leadership by the tribal moot and made into a slave
  4. His brother was not satisfied with this and continued to humiliate Krunk at all times.  
  5. Krunk tried to escape but was chased by the tribal warriors and went off a cliff into the sea, smashing his head into a rock.
  6. He was washed up the coast of another island with no memory and reverting to his primitive instincts
  7. Dwayne was washed up with him.  Was it the rock that caused the brain injury?
  8. Inadvertently the wizard has repaired the brain damage so his memories and original personality are returning
  9. Who knows what that personality is?
  10. Krunk is vegetarian because Kayala is (was?) and he would do anything for her

This list gives Joel plenty of story hooks, lets my fellow players know whats going on and also helps me to have consistency of roleplay with the character (something I struggle with sometimes)

It also helps me formulate my next few game play options e.g. I know what my next few levels are going to be spent on and what sort of gaming direction the character is going in – one of the interesting things about playing 5e vs. when I started is that the rules prescribe much more you character development.

So I guess the question is, how much do you know about your DnD character?




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  1. I love coming up with backstories – and then writing small pieces (or not so small pieces) about life events pre-adventures. I’ve even started writing stuff about a couple of the friends of the character I played before I switched to DMing.

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