(Battle) Field of Dreams….

As some of you will know from reading Mike’s earlier blog and following us on Twitter, we really like Saga – Age of Magic.

There appears to be a lot of similar, like minded people out there so I thought I’d make a step to see if we can create a bit of an event scene for it.

I’m running my first Saga event on the 24th August at our old friends, Battlefield Hobbies to see if we can get a bit of buzz going. It’s called Here Be Dragons (it’s uncharted territory and, well……..dragons!!) and if there’s enough interest it’s one that we can take in the road to other venues too.

The aim is to create a friendly environment for people to come and play new people and show off their warbands under the guise of a vaguely competitive event. Much like the 7TV and Dragon Rampant days that we have attended at the excellent Board in Brum (go there if you are in the vicinity!!).

This link to the rules pack may or may not work, but it’s in the Saga FB group or ping me on Twitter if you are interested…….


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