Apocalypse, New

See what I did there?? Comedy genius.

For those of us that are followers of GW, you’ll be aware that this coming weekend is Warhammer Day. There’s some bits and bobs that are going on sale and all sorts of shenanigans at local stores to support the day and the slight rebranding with a new logo.

What has got me excited, however, is it’s also the day that the new version of Apocalypse goes up for preorder.

Back in the olden days, those of us that played 40k often had collections that exceeded the normal 2k points or so, or fancied putting 2 or 3 armies together in a big game. GW listened and bought forth the first version of Apocalypse. It provided a framework to have massive armies including titans and other superheavies.

It was ok. Really just a different force organisation chart but still used the standard 40k rules. As such, games bogged down once they got too big and time could run out (or it got boring as your opponent moved his detachment of 200 Ork boyz).

The old geezers amongst us just said ‘Play Epic if you want that sort of game. Epic wasn’t supported but you could still get the rules from specialist games.

40k moved on and became a more streamlined game as it went through a couple of editions (IMO). Lots of new models and a couple of new armies were added. Gamers be gamers, we continued to collect armies waaaaay bigger than we needed.

So, what about Apocalypse, now? (I am brilliant!)

From what we have seen, this is a stand-alone ruleset that allows you to use your oversized 40k armies to play big games. There seems to be a deck building element (that has been used very successfully in Warhammer Underworlds) although initially it seems all cards can be bought at the outset.

The squad seems to be the lowest unit size (no individual model removal that I can see from the teaser vids). The rules look very similar to the Epic rules with a touch of AoS/40k streamlining included.

GW are also making all the datacards for all armies available online.

It has certainly piqued my interest and I shall be ordering it on Saturday.

I have had the idea of an Inquisition led Crusade force for quite some time, played with the idea in Epic but it looks like it will happen in Apocalypse now. (It’s the joke that keeps on giving!!)

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