Casting Call

On the 6th July I am attending the 7TV Pulp day that is being run by the wonderful chaps from Wargames Illustrated – I believe it is the biggest event they have ever put on with 30  folks descending on them for some Pulp action.

To this end of course you need some models (which need to be painted!!!!) so enter the cast of the award winning (bad awards are still awards right?) and groundbreaking show Dr Möbius.  Set in the interwar years, it ran for two seasons and was notable in the fact that it was one of the first series put out by the studio that featured a nominal ‘bad guy’ as the lead – though as long time fans of the show will tell you Möbius is more misunderstood than bad.

Heralded by TV Times of the day as ground breaking television (I’m sure there is no correlation between reviews and advertising spend) I present the cast of Dr Möbius;


IMG_4678Dr Möbius was played by Austrian actor Oskar Brandhaur.  Möbius is obsessed the occult and how he might save the human race from the inevitable doom that he sees coming after the devastation that World War One caused.  In season one his efforts were concentrated on genetic manipulation, ending in the great Octomonkey experiment which accidentally caused the death of his niece Illse.  In season two however his mind turns to robots with Steel and Logic winning out over squidgy biology.

IMG_4682American Agent Katie Darwin was played by Samantha Huggins.  Originally a guest star in a season one episode, for some reason (two reasons?) she proved very popular with the male audience members and was brought in as a full time cast member for season two.

Trivia, her catchphrase ‘Peel me Another’ is commonly thought to be a shot at The Avengers (which was on in a similar timeslot) but is actually related to her strange obsession with bananas.



The 3rd member of the main cast was Maria but it is actually unknown who was inside the costume at any one time, indeed the studio continued to put out rumours that she was actually a robot throughout the run of the show

Maria acted as Möbius’ conscience on the show and was considered one of the most popular characters – though given the appearance of the suit it is a wonder that the studio was never sued by the estate of Fritz Lang

Also Starring

also staring.png

  • Victor – Stanley Smythe-Bronson
  • Jarvis – Frank Marshall
  • The Iron Man – Peter Mayhem
  • MCC Scientist – Andrew ‘Brainbox’ Strauss

And Introducing


Felix as Felix.

Felix was Oskars actual dog and was actually paid more than Oskar as a way to get around paying taxes – no income tax on a dog.  This would come back to haunt Oskar when he was prosecuted for Tax Evasion but thats a story for another time.


So there you are, the cast of Dr Möbius.   This is one of the things that I like most about the game, you can let you imagination run wild as you make up TV shows to fit the models that you’d like to use in any particular scenario.  Of course how far you go with that background is up to you but its one of those things that I feel has gone out of gaming for the most part – we are content to be spoon-fed characters and their stories are not in our hands but in those of the game producers.  7TV bucks that trend and long may it continue.  Narrative game play for the win.

Oh and if you are interested in what I am actually using them all as from the Pulp box

  • Dr Mobius is a Deviant Doctor
  • Agent Darwin is a Femme Fatale
  • Maria is a Hulking Henchman
  • Victor is a Dark Disciple
  • Jarvis is a Working Stiff (often said about Franks acting)
  • The Iron Man is a Mechanical Man
  • MCC Scientist is a  Scientist (duh!!!)
  • Felix is a Lesser Animal Companion



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