Episode 356 – Mordheim

In which sneaky Mike and bumbling buffoon Matt get back on track and talk about the wonderful Mordheim, a game which has spawned many imitators despite all its flaws. Its basically Necromunda in the Warhammer World so all the things we talked about in that episode apply here as well, great fun, terrible balance issues – especially if you are playing an ongoing campaign – and one crew that rules over them all in the form of the sneaky sneaky skaven.

Thrown into the the episode you get a few name drops (clang) Mike tells the story yet again about the University of Altdorf and Matt, well Matt does what Matt does. Minus the dribble (though many would say with extra drivel)

What we should have done is talk about the computer games but frankly we forgot all about them as we’ve never played them.  Still that gives content for another episode right?

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