Episode 357 – Conan: Savage Legends

csl-minipreview-conan_orig.pngIn which Mike is supposed to be talking to long time game designer Rob Stoddard  about his latest project Conan: Savage Legends which is coming to Kickstarter on the 16th July. To be fair they do talk about Conan, which is an arena based boardgame where you play as one of the legends of the Howard universe along with two companions against you fellow players for riches beyond imagining (read the press release here)but as is Mikes want, they go off on several tangents where we find out a lot more about Rob and his experiences in the games industry.

I mean he starts off with a story about Mike McVey asking him to do some painting for the first Warmachine book and it just goes from there.

They have a great discussion about playtesting methodolgies, how mainstream games differ from games produced for our hobby and Mike learns something he didn’t know about Red Sonja.

All in all it was a thoroughly interesting conversation and one we will hopefully continue at a future date. Oh and remember Conan: Savage Legends, July 16th Kickstarter.

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