Episode 358 – 7TV Pulp!

7TV-Pulp-Box.jpgIn which Mike and Matt have a discussion about the wonder that is 7TV as they went to a Pulp based event over the weekend. And yes they did about as well as they normally do but with 7TV thats completely irrelevant as narrative wins the day.

So tune in to hear the thrilling adventures of Dr Möbius and his robotic minions along with tales of the nefarious activities of crime boss Vincenzo Moretti. Learn how crime seemingly doesn’t pay, how Captain America accidentally fell off a ship and how Matt has developed both a fear of hand grenades and a love of IKEA furniture.

A more reprehensible bunch of ne’er-do-wells you have never seen

If you are inspired by what you hear then you can read more about our adventures on the tabletop in blogs by Andy Boscombe and Kieron Mulholland which give you a great insight into the mindset of the 7TV community.

I wish I had found them 20 years ago for they are my people.

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