A Fools Tale – Mark

As we wait for Matt to write a post about his entry into The Fools Tale (promised for about the past three weeks) I’ve received another entry from our friend Mark Sheppard. So over to Mark

“Hello and welcome to another episode… ah no that’s not right”

“Hello, I’m Mark and this will be my first ever blog” No too formal…

How about just “Alright there”

Yeah that’ll do.

Anyway enough of that, I’m Mark a long forgotten friend of The Fools Daily band of misfits, I have come here to annihilate, NO ummm… do a blog post for this Fools Daily get into Age of Sigmar thingy, A Fools Tale I think is what is being bounded around.

I’m doing Gloomspite Gitz, well I literally picked up a load of models for them a few days before Mike announced they were doing this, so I put my hand up saying “let me join in please” mainly in the hope that if there was an end goal, that end goal for me being… getting a fully painted army as I haven’t had one of those in quite some years.

We’ve got £100 for the first month and £75 for the subsequent months. I have a budget to stick too… really. Well that went out of the window straight away as I have quite a few things bought already, but I thought about it and I think I’ll just paint up £100 for the first month then carry on from there. Here’s my first months purchases:

LoonBoss: £17.50

2 boxes of Stabbas: £45

Boingrot Bounderz: £30

Total: £92.50

So, as you can see I’ve got £7.50 extra to take into the next month.

Currently I’m working on the Boingrot Bounderz and mainly going to be painting with Contrast paints but with the added normal method of painting thrown in where needs be.


As for knowing the rules of AoS, I’ve dabbled a few times with Ogres and Idoneth Deepkin, so I have a pretty good understanding of the 4-page document, Oh and the other 5-8 books you have to carry around nowadays LOL. Joking aside It’s a pretty easy game to get the hang of once you know your army’s capabilities. But of course, the first few games will be a mishmash of forgetting artefacts and command abilities etc etc.

Think that’s enough from me, I’m going to try to get a blog post every month but in the mean time I’m on twitter as @Gorillawizard where I shall post pics of my painting progress.

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