Fools Tale – Khorne Month Two

Long time readers of this blog will have a pretty good idea of how this post is going to go.

  • He starts off with grandiose visions and then falls woefully short.

  • Anyone who believed that he would do a Tale of N Gamers was just deluding themselves.

  • Almost certainly the Xbox has called him away so no modelling this month

  • There was some new shiny

Ha well in your face 🙂

OK well not totally in your face as I didn’t do what I said I was going to do and I haven’t stuck to the rules but I have made what I would call ‘significant progess’ on this project.  And the derailment totally wasn’t my fault.  OK it was a little but why quibble about that.

What happened is that through a couple of second hand deals I was able to secure every model that I needed at a fraction of the retail cost which meant that I had a huge sea of grey plastic just calling out to me to be assembled.  Which is basically what I didIMG_4879.jpeg

This lot left me with just a Bloodthirster to build and it would have been wrong not to.  So I did.  Oh and I changed one of the skull cannons into a Blood Throne using some spare parts that I had. The next stage was the great base sanding of 2019 which left the army looking like this.  Almost playable right.


Finally I got through two and a bit cans of red spray paint to finish the month with a lot of red toy soldiers.


Now I do need to go back over them to touch up some areas where the overhangs prevented the spray from getting to the plastic but this is pretty much an army ready for the next stage.

So Month Two tasks are to ink wash everything (depending on how this looks I may do a heavy drybrush of a more orangey red as well) , paint the bases grey and then think about what other two colours I am going to put on the models – at the moment I am drawn towards using yellow rather than gold / brass, mainly cause I think it will look pretty cool.


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