Emotional Detachment

So, what I should be painting is the stuff I need to use as 7TV Day 3 next month, or making some of the terrain for it.

Or sorting out some more Nighthaunt to get done for our Tales of AoS Gamers thingy.

What I actually find myself doing is sorting through Warhammer 40k stuff with a mind to play Apocalypse. I wrote about Apoc a bit ago and having now read through the rules and some of the cards, it does get my juices flowing.

What is really getting me fired up is the ability of have detachments of differing armies from within the Imperium. A long time back, when we were playing Epic40k a lot, I had a narrative in my head of an Inquisition led Crusade that would allow me to have a bit of everything that was cool (not necessarily good!). I believe the kids these days refer to it as a ‘soup army’.

Well…….soup is back on the menu, boys! (And girls etc)

Unsurprisingly, I have quite a bit of 40k stuff and most of it sits within the Imperial armies. Some bits of Deathwatch, some bits of Sisters of Battle, some bits of Grey Knights, some Death Korps of Krieg, some Knights etc etc.

The nice thing about Apocalypse is that the detachment rules allow you to field each of these as a little self contained force, making up the bigger army. It almost certainly won’t be optimal as the use of the command assets favours having an army all of the same type but it does allow me to build my narrative based idea. It also means that I can get some variation in what I paint too.

Yes, I have other things that need painting. I did start on some Nighthaunt, have decided on the colours so can crack on (although I need some liquid green stuff for the gaps). I have started my 7TV stuff and have base colours on them all.

But for today, it’s Apocalypse that has got me thinking…….

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