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Every day, in every way…

Better week for me this week. Got the DMH stuff written and published .

Expect the Ascension Tribune to be reporting on incidents through the ages.

Got the point of Saga Knights done too.


And got a couple of units of Tau built. Have written the post but just seeking some photos…half points are a thing, right?


This week sees me with an urge to do lots of different things across several systems so focus may be an issue! No bloody change there then!

1) Work out a 50PL Tau force and get it assembled and based

2) Paint some more Saga Crusaders

3) Paint and work on some Samurai scenery

Hopefully I have a bit of time at home over the next couple of weeks and get get a good chunk of stuff done………bwahahahaha!

Snogs and spanking



Not getting any better……

So even though I chose some really simple targets for last week, I only managed to get one of them done.

Saga Warlord for my Crusaders completed, based on a 50x50mm GW base with hand painted banner and shields.

Nothing else done due to work, life and shitty hotel wifi.

This week,

  1. I will try and complete the battle report from Mike and my game of DMH
  2. Finish at least 1 point of these bloody Crusaders
  3. Write the first blog post for my Tau and assemble at least 1 unit of miniatures for it.

We have Summer Showdown coming up at Wayland this week, but I have no desire to play at the moment, symptomatic of falling out of love with wanting to play Malifaux at present. Perhaps I need to find another game to play at events………..40k? Kings of War? Saga? I like to get out and play and dont really care about winning or losing but need something to act as a painting driver.

Love ya




again with that salty cheese…..

I did quite a lot of hobby this week.

I painted some of my DMH Mexicans that have sat untouched for months (stupid Mike and his influential blog post).

I built and undercoated and then based an entirely new Malifaux crew while at the event at Mike’s.

I played games of Malifaux and DMH.

Yeah……none of those are finishing Crusaders……

Thats 2 crap weeks of accomplishment and as Mike said, this is about focus and completion rather than just achieving hobby.

I have a very busy couple of weeks in the new job which see me away from home for 7 of the next 12 days so I have picked carefully for the next week.

1 – Finish my Saga Warlord

2 – Progress the 3 points of Saga knights towards completion

3 – Write up the DMH battle report and an opening blog post for my Tau narrative for the 40K campaign.

Also failed to lose any weight due to the masses of BBQ food over the weekend…….double drat!!


A missed opportunity…..

Failure doesn’t just have a smell. It has a taste.

Kinda like a salty cheese. And not a good salty cheese.

With Mike’s total failure, I should have been able to draw back some points, and close the gap in the ‘not competition’.

But I only got 1 thing done. Bugger.

Failed to get the Knights or Donut shop done but did manage the test piece for the Tau basing done.

oh well, shizzle happens.

This week’s task is a simple one. 3 points of Crusaders for Saga. I start my new job this week which gives me loads of extra hobby time so expect more podcasts and blogging.

On the fat bastard front, I will too be tracking my weight loss on here in order to be less of a fat bastard. Today is the starting point with a weigh in at 123.2 kilos. 

Id like to lose 1.5 kilos during this week………


Baby Driver – ……and I say thank you for the music…..


Went and saw Edgar Wright’s new movie this weekend at the flicks. I’m a fan of his and love all 3 of the Cornetto trilogy and Scott Pilgrim.

I’ll not do plot spoilers but if you don’t want to know anything, bugger off and watch it, then come back.

Its a story of a young criminal getaway driver and his trajectory through the story is a slightly cliched but well used – criminal has to do one last job before he gets to run away with the girl but things go wrong kinda deal.

Within the film, the music is a key driver (pardon the pun) for some of the action and there is a back story why. The film starts with a brilliantly choreographed music number with Baby (the lead character) moving through the streets to the music with a number of visual tags to the lyrics of the song. I though that it was brilliant but unfortunately it doesn’t carry all the way through the film. The music does continue to be a central character and the sound editing is particularly well managed with the gunfire and car sounds punctuating the soundtrack.

It has a good cast although the performances outside the young 2 leads seem fairly dialled in. I find it hard to consider Jamie Foxx as a bad guy without immediately thinking of him as Motherf**ker Jones from Horrible Bosses.

Despite all this, I really enjoyed it and would definitely see it again 7/10


Total and utter failure

It’s not a new feeling.

Should be used to it by now.

Perhaps, with the benefit of hindsight, setting a goal of painting 31 miniatures in a week was a bit churlish. Especially a week which was particularly busy at work. Anyway, enough excuses…

Glued the minotaurs together. Didn’t finish either of the other tasks. 1 point.


So perhaps I need to be more realistic this week…



Mike kindly gifted me the prototype of the Doughnut Stop for Ascension. Gonna get it painted.



Played a game of Crescent and Cross Saga against Neil. He’s off to Malaysia for a month but I want to have 6 points painted when he gets back, so let’s do a point of Knights this week.



I have a plan for a basing style for my Tau that should look good and be a bit more interesting that stuff I have done previously for 40k. Do a test piece to check the concept.

What could possibly go wrong……..

Wet kisses and damp spots,




So close yet…….

#FDWHP week 2 was going so well.

Cops – managed to fully finish 8 miniatures and progress the other 19 (yeah, I may have got carried away when I bought them…)

Stripping – all 6 jars were done and minis cleaned off.

Plague Demons…….there was a bit of a difference between plan and actual on Sunday evening.


Drop kids back home

Get back

Have a cuppa

Do weapons


Pick out details


Bask in triumph


Drop kids back home

Make cuppa

Wake up 6 hours later next to a cold coffee and a beard wet from drool

Bugger – only 2 points again………

This week’s #FDWHP will see me with 3 points, dammit!!

1 – Finish Cops

2 – Finish Plague Demons

3- Progress the next unit for Dragon Rampant – 3 Minotaurs


Love and fingers






Ascension – A town through the ages?

With all the hobby giddiness that I’m sharing with Mike, I got to thinking about about an idea I had a long time ago about a town that would feature heavily through a series of games and rulesets.

An analogy would be looking at what Stephen King did with the town of Derry in the series of books that the wrote during the late 80s and into the 90s. Derry is a mythic town that the created in Maine that served as a backdrop for several of his novels. In itself it wasn’t a ‘character’ or cause of the weird swizzle that happened but it did kinda give a sense of familiarity to the reader.

I came up with the town of Ascension ages ago as a location for my 15mm Zombie project. It was to be the site of the outbreak and the central location for the post apocalyptic gaming that follows. I kinda reintroduced the idea when Mike an I started playing This is not a Test Post Apoc rules and he graciously named the Post Apoc range that he created for The Terrain Shed after it.

Now I’m thinking that this small town on the Texas Mexico border will feature in the narrative of lots of my games from Dead Man’s Hand through to Post Apoc. There will be some notable land marks that can feature throughout and some that can evolve and change of the periods.

First venture will be the painting of the Ascension Police Department as part of this weeks #FDWHP. Perhaps unsurprisingly I have a few more cops than I remembered buying……..


Hit or Mythos?

Mike and I did manage to get a game of the new game released by Paranoid Miniatures during this week. Mythos is a skirmish game inspired by the works of HP Lovecraft and bought to the table in 30mm resin.

Mike had backed the successful kickstarter and as one of his #FDWHP tasks, had assembled the two factions for us to use.

The models are superb sculpts and look great. Mike had said they were a little fiddly in places but overall were of excellent quality.

The rulebook looked nice, was well laid out and clear and the cards used for the models are some of the best laid out I’ve seen (this is the only picture I remembered to take)

The game played well and was enjoyable enough but I think I need another play before I can say that I really enjoyed it. The first issue that the game will have is the limited number of models for each faction.

We have the guys from Paranoid Miniatures on the show soon so we see how they feel the whole thing has gone and discuss Mike and my first impressions of the game.

Love and licks on your Cornetto