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Not a drop to drink

The success of various Zombie TV shows took the entertainment industry by surprise.  Zombies up until then had been the exclusive preserve of horror movies and aficionados of that genre.  Certainly they weren’t mainstream, indeed the comic book that the original series was based on couldn’t be called anything other than niche.  But one brave TV executive changed that and had other TV networks scrambling to find the next big Post Apocalyptic blockbuster.   Parasol TV was no different and asked for interested parties to send in pitches with the promise of a pilot and hopefully a series afterwards.

Many aspiring independent production studios sent in pitches, but the one that that was successful was sent in by the remnants of what had once been the mighty 7TV writing team desperate to get to the land of milk and honey that is American TV.  It opened thus:

The year is 2072 and the climate apocalypse has destroyed the world that you or I know.  Rising sea levels, encroaching deserts and vanishing polar ice caps have resculpted our planet into something more akin to a world from one of those tired science fiction shows that they used to make, only this is reality.

That would be bad enough, but the pollution that our ancestors poured into the oceans in the form of waste and plastics have destroyed that eco system as well and turned what remains into a hazardous sea of death.

However like the tenacious cockroach, humankind clings on.  The vast cities of the past may just be ruins but all around the globe small enclaves of people exist, trade and of course war with each other in an attempt to control an ever reducing pool of resources.  But its not oil or power that is the driving force for these conflicts.  Nope its the very nectar of life itself, water, honest to goodness, good clean drinking water.

The show was pitched as a multi year concept with each season focusing on a different set of protagonists.

Season one featured the adventures of a young woman known internally as Panzer Girl and her troupe of robots (each of which was programmed with a personality lifted from earlier TV shows – producers particularly liked the Medic Bot who was based on Dr Howser)  Her opposite numbers were a group of slavers led by a man known only as The Beast and over the 13 episodes of the season their complicated relationship would be the narrative thread that pulled the show together.

Of course this being Hollywood when the show failed to find an audience it was cancelled after only 8 episodes – the remaining 5 had been filmed but didn’t see the light of day until the inevitable DVD release and later cult following that the show developed when the creators went onto bigger and better things.

Its lasting legacy however was boost it gave in the public consciousness for at least two news cycles of the very real threat of climate change and thats not really a bad legacy for a show to have.


We have candy

Sorry about the radio silence for the last few days, MAGE was this past weekend and it consumed quite a bit of my time which coupled with the fact that the school holidays have arrived means that I have been slack.  Come on, its not like you aren’t used to it.

I will write up a longer MAGE report at another date (Saturday is just a blank, literally) but on the Sunday I thought that I would use the opportunity to rope a few more people into playing 7TV.

Which proved to be a success beyond anything I could have hoped as I’ve got 4 or 5 new players into the game and generated a few extra signups for the forthcoming 7TVDay3.

All good things.

But of course its 7TV so you need to come up with a cast and a show for that cast to be involved in – I was really pushing the whole make up your own story aspect during the demos as thats the thing that really appeals to me about the game and I have to say that the lovely folks have taken that to heart.   So without further ado here are a few of the cast ideas that have been knocked around since the weekend.

Connor Truby

Southern U.S. sponsors wanted a cowboy in space soap which supported the Confederate ideals. They came up with Gettysborough. It didn’t get any traction in the UK under 7TV so they cancelled before the end of the first season. It now has a cult following.
Star – Martin Reynolds – Tough Detective 10
Co-star – Chloe Clean– Angel of Justice -6
Co-star – Andara Sarah – Plucky Assistant 5
Extra – Jenny Dob – Survivalist 4
Extra – Simone Tim – Doctor 1
Extra – Ivan Clean- Scientist 2
Extra – Preacher Scroll – administrator 2
Extra – Rider Tim – Ninja 4
Extra – Kylie Fry- Scientist 2
Van – 4

Cathy Winton

“Freedom Ridge” was a later spin off from the hugely popular “The Lawman” (which was cancelled mid-run after a scandal hit involving its star). Both were westerns – Freedom Ridge tried to cash in on the rising feminist movement by having female stars in traditionally male roles in the early 70s but eventually all the protests from groups on all sides led to that too being cancelled. An idea before it’s time sadly….. maybe another re-boot is due?


I need to refine my narrative but basically my story so far is a t.v. station wanted to make a drama about the Druids of Morne, who were a real life sect that lived on a remote island but the worship of the Druids died out years ago. The station hired a local historian who lived on Morne as a creative consultant without realising she was an ancient and powerful druid. Within a few months she had brainwashed and converted many of the actors and crew to become part of her cult. Plus raised a few demons……

I love the creativity that has gone into these, even just in the couple of days since being introduced to the game.  I also love the fact that loads of my friends are going to be playing my favourite game which means I don’t just have to play Matt 🙂

As for me my next cast is coming along nicelyIMG_4864.jpeg

Casting Call

On the 6th July I am attending the 7TV Pulp day that is being run by the wonderful chaps from Wargames Illustrated – I believe it is the biggest event they have ever put on with 30  folks descending on them for some Pulp action.

To this end of course you need some models (which need to be painted!!!!) so enter the cast of the award winning (bad awards are still awards right?) and groundbreaking show Dr Möbius.  Set in the interwar years, it ran for two seasons and was notable in the fact that it was one of the first series put out by the studio that featured a nominal ‘bad guy’ as the lead – though as long time fans of the show will tell you Möbius is more misunderstood than bad.

Heralded by TV Times of the day as ground breaking television (I’m sure there is no correlation between reviews and advertising spend) I present the cast of Dr Möbius;


IMG_4678Dr Möbius was played by Austrian actor Oskar Brandhaur.  Möbius is obsessed the occult and how he might save the human race from the inevitable doom that he sees coming after the devastation that World War One caused.  In season one his efforts were concentrated on genetic manipulation, ending in the great Octomonkey experiment which accidentally caused the death of his niece Illse.  In season two however his mind turns to robots with Steel and Logic winning out over squidgy biology.

IMG_4682American Agent Katie Darwin was played by Samantha Huggins.  Originally a guest star in a season one episode, for some reason (two reasons?) she proved very popular with the male audience members and was brought in as a full time cast member for season two.

Trivia, her catchphrase ‘Peel me Another’ is commonly thought to be a shot at The Avengers (which was on in a similar timeslot) but is actually related to her strange obsession with bananas.



The 3rd member of the main cast was Maria but it is actually unknown who was inside the costume at any one time, indeed the studio continued to put out rumours that she was actually a robot throughout the run of the show

Maria acted as Möbius’ conscience on the show and was considered one of the most popular characters – though given the appearance of the suit it is a wonder that the studio was never sued by the estate of Fritz Lang

Also Starring

also staring.png

  • Victor – Stanley Smythe-Bronson
  • Jarvis – Frank Marshall
  • The Iron Man – Peter Mayhem
  • MCC Scientist – Andrew ‘Brainbox’ Strauss

And Introducing


Felix as Felix.

Felix was Oskars actual dog and was actually paid more than Oskar as a way to get around paying taxes – no income tax on a dog.  This would come back to haunt Oskar when he was prosecuted for Tax Evasion but thats a story for another time.


So there you are, the cast of Dr Möbius.   This is one of the things that I like most about the game, you can let you imagination run wild as you make up TV shows to fit the models that you’d like to use in any particular scenario.  Of course how far you go with that background is up to you but its one of those things that I feel has gone out of gaming for the most part – we are content to be spoon-fed characters and their stories are not in our hands but in those of the game producers.  7TV bucks that trend and long may it continue.  Narrative game play for the win.

Oh and if you are interested in what I am actually using them all as from the Pulp box

  • Dr Mobius is a Deviant Doctor
  • Agent Darwin is a Femme Fatale
  • Maria is a Hulking Henchman
  • Victor is a Dark Disciple
  • Jarvis is a Working Stiff (often said about Franks acting)
  • The Iron Man is a Mechanical Man
  • MCC Scientist is a  Scientist (duh!!!)
  • Felix is a Lesser Animal Companion



One and done

Sort of a catchup post this one, so bear with me as its all over the place.

I came to a very odd conclusion this week about 7TV.  Whilst it is a most fantastic game (as I’ve said previously probably the best set of character driven skirmish rules on the market at the moment) its going to prove expensive in both terms of time and money.  Why is this I hear you ask?   Well I didn’t because I’m not Alexa but if I was then I would have heard you.  As an aside is anyone really surprised that these smart devices are listening to you all the time?  I mean how do you think they know when you say ‘Alexa’


So yes, 7TV expensive.

Well its because for each event that I’m doing (and there are 3 this year) I’m painting a new cast – can’t take the same again – and lets be honest, I’m probably not going to use the figures for something else, even if I insist to myself that I am going to.


So for the first event I went to I painted up my Johnny Chan cast but I can’t reuse that for the Pulp event next month so I’ve been working on Dr Möbius and his Robotic Legions.   3 more models to paint for that one.



But then I’ve got another 7TV day towards the end of the year and I can’t take Möbius again – people will have seen it – so I’ll have to do another cast.

Fortunately of course I have plenty of models so its really just the painting that will need to be done – oh and coming up with a suitable concept (which I am still struggling with)

In other news Matt and I went to our first Dragon Rampant event at Board in Brum.  Was really good fun with lots of wacky events and scenarios playing out – numbers were slightly disapointing but it didn’t affect the gaming one jot, just means its less likely to run again 🙁  Also hell froze over and Matt won the event.  Yes you read that right and no, he hasn’t stopped going on about it. IMG_3725.jpg

Next month its 7TV Pulp along with Burrows and Badgers.  Oh and at the end of the month its MAGE.  Busy.

Finally I did a test last night to make sure all the podcasting plumbing is still working as I was harassed (harassed I tell you) at WHW yesterday to get recording again. Never one to upset people we are hoping to try and do something this week – its difficult as Matt is travelling a lot but we do still have a lot to say and as we get older we get even more opinionated.  You really don’t want to get me started on the amount of spoonfeeding that gamers seem to need these days.

Oh look out, I’ve started …




And … Action

Last year was pretty pathetic in terms of gaming but the biggest letdown was the amount of events I went to.  One.  One event out of a whole year.  I know, rubbish isn’t it. Sure there was the Butterfly House and MAGE but I organised those so they don’t really count any more than a home game does.  Which brings us to one.  Surely I can do better than that this year?


Well the weekend just gone (26th Jan if you are counting) I (we as Matt was with me) made a start by going to Board in Brum near Birmingham.  This is a venue that I haven’t been to before but will certainly be going again.  It has a well stocked shop (with stuff from a decent range of manufacturers) several 6×4 tables and decent toilets 🙂  Thats always a good start.  The fact that the very reasonable £10 fee also included food from the local chippy was an awesome bonus.

The reason that we went was to take part in the 2nd 7TV day that has been run there by a guy called Mike Strong – there are a lot of Mikes who play 7TV it turns out.  We’ve talked about 7TV from Crooked Dice in the past but if you’ve missed that heres a quick recap.

7TV bills itself as Inch High SpyFi as the basic premise is your models (a cast) are part of a TV show and that the game that you are playing is actually an episode of that show.   The SpyFi bit comes from that fact that the game is heavily based on the spy TV shows of the 60s and 70s such as The Avengers and Man from U.N.C.L.E   Your cast is made up of Stars, CoStars and Extras and each is worth so many ratings (you get around 100 profiles in the game so far).  You build your cast to the rating level of the game (we were playing 30 rating games which gives around 6-7 models) and then play out one of the scenarios given in the rule book.  Its a UGOIGO game that uses a limited resource (plot points) to control both activation and special actions that your characters might be able to do.  Finally it uses a countdown deck to ensure a special event happens every turn.  These are all TV based so you get things like Continuity Error where two cast members will suddenly switch places.  For me it is hands down the best set of skirmish rules I have ever played as by its very nature it gives the cinematic game experience that I love.  Sure there are individual genre based rulesets that have the same effect on me (Dead Man Hands springs to mind) but the power of the 7TV ruleset and the inherently balanced nature of the possible cast members means that it works across genres and makes for an excellent gaming experience.


Having said all that I would be a liar if I didn’t admit to some pre event nerves as we rocked up to the venue.  Suppose the other players weren’t into the game for the same reasons I am and were actually looking for a more competitive gaming event that I was hoping for – it had been billed as a campaign day but that means different things to different people.  Suppose, suppose, suppose.  Sure I had talked to them on the 7TV facebook group but online personas and all that.

Of course all these worries were for nowt as you couldn’t imagine a nicer bunch of gamers who were all there for the same reasons that we were and who all had the same attitude to the game as we did.  I thought I might have gone over the top when I worked out my cast as I had created my own fictional TV show, had worked out that it was cancelled after 6 episodes and knew who the big bad in each one was.  Turns out that I hadn’t as all of my opponents had done exactly the same 🙂


So onto the event itself.  I won’t bore you with a play by play but the day started off perfectly when our esteemed organiser told us that the 7TV studios were in financial trouble and that we would have to deliver advertising lines during the game (gaining extra plot points depending on how and when we delivered it) and it basically went from there.  I had 3 fantastic games full of cinematic highlights as Jonny Chan kicked and punched his way across the set pausing only now and then to deliver his carefully crafted lines to the camera.  Winning and losing didn’t matter, it was the taking part and fulfilling what Conrad likes to call the social contract that was the important (and indeed, only) thing.

I should also mention the sets (boards)  They were all provided by the players and were all fantastic.  So much effort had gone into them and it was a real pleasure to play on fully painted terrain for a change – so many of my home games are in MDF city.  It’s really going to force me to up my terrain game and actually paint stuff.  I’ve chucked some pictures of them in this post but my shoddy photography doesn’t really do them justice so apologies for that.


A special shout out should go to Wayne, one of the players, who works for Wargames Illustrated.  He very kindly brought along a lucky dip containing loads of OOP miniatures which had enough for all of the players to get one each.  I got an awesome Dan Dare type model that i will be painting up for a future cast.

And speaking of painting (did you see what I did there???) one of the prizes at the end of the day was for Best Cast and I was absolutely gobsmacked to walk about with the prize for Jonny Chan and friends.  The other two awards were for best board and best sports – yes no gaming prizes awarded – and the event was all the better for that.


On the drive home Matt and I were buzzing with ideas for boards and casts as there is going to be a lot of 7TV in our future.  Oh and if the Spy thing puts you off, this year will see the release of settings for Post Apocalypse and Pulp (my personal favourite) and the beauty of the ruleset is that it can be easily expanded into any genre that you want to go.

The next event at Board in Brum in on 21 September and there is a pulp themed day being put on by Wargames Illustrated on 6th July

Fantastic day, fantastic people and a fantastic game.  If you aren’t playing then you are missing out.

Did I deliver that correctly Mr DeMille?

I expect you to die Mr Bond

I’ve been getting very excited this week about 7TV, inspired by the participation game that we are going to be running at Bonescon in February 2018 (tickets available now)

For those of you who don’t know 7TV describes itself as Inch High Spy Fi and is a game that enables you to basically play in the universes shown in TV shows such as Man from UNCLE and The Avengers.  Ever wanted to be James Bond or Our Man Flint?  Then this is the game for you.  Its in its second edition and its one of my favourite games that I never get to play, though I’m not sure why as whenever we do play it we always have a great time.

Anyway I’ve long wanted to do a dungeon crawl type game using the mechanics so the idea of doing a participation game where I can introduce people to the game has long been bopping around at the back of my head and this week I have started to make it into a reality.

First I’ve built a sewer board using bits from the Terrain Shed Labyrinth range.  This is one of 3 boards that the game will be played on (the other two are going to be the evil villain lair and a pretty standard town type layout) IMG_0421.JPG

This will be one of the potential starting points for our groups of superspies as they head out to deal with whatever mission they have been sent on.  It will be populated with security robots as well as the odd abandoned genetic experiment (or three)

As well as building this out I’ve also started working on the various casts of heros that players will be able to use.  At the moment I’m thinking there will be four different groups representing Britain, USA, Russian and some undefined Pan Asian conglomeration (got to get ninjas in somewhere).   Of course being a 60’s based show each of these organisations has to have a snappy acronym so I took to Twitter to see what my followers could come up with.  After I had filtered out all the sexual ones (amazing the acronyms people can come up with) I’ve so far got these

  • T.O.P.H.A.T – The Organisation Preventing Harm And Terror
  • S.I.C.K.L.E – Society for the Improvement of Communist Kulture via Liquidation and Espionage
  • L.A.S.S.O – League Against Sinister State Organisations

The final one is currently called DRAGON but haven’t managed to turn it into a cool acronym yet.  Suggestions on a postcard to ….

Some SICKLE agents

I may also have bought hats for the players to wear.  Hey if you are going to go for it, really go for it.

So go buy your Bonescon tickets (did I mention there is a 10% early bird discount for September) and I’ll see you in the Butterfly House.