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Who are Parasol

I've been going back and forth this week working out some background for Ascension and how things all fit together in this shared setting that Matt and I are building.

One of the things that Matt has bern very clear on is that In the current time Ascension is the corporate headquarters for the Parasol Corporation but why they are there and what they are up to hasn't really been fleshed out.

Well, until now. What we have decided is that at some point in the past the founder of Parasol discovered a tear in the fabric of time and space that leads to other versions of Ascension (whats the point of having an infinite universe theory if you don't get to play about with it) in different planes of existence. This wormhole is know as 'The Rip' and the wealth and ideas looted from this alternate dimensions are the source of Parasols seemingly unchallengeable corporate wealth and power.

This concept of the rip also enables us to weave interesting stories into our existing characters. Why does Father Wilson believe what he is doing is right? Well an Angel told him so. But was it an angel or just some demon / alien that came through the Rip and latched onto what the good Father was already doing (an excellent excuse to get a game of Draculas America up and running)

The Rip also enables us to deal with things like the fact in one Post Apoc version of Ascension it is a zombie hell whereas in another its a Nuclear Wasteland (roll on the new Fallout rules). They are both Ascension just in one plane Parasol let loose a pathogen that turned the world into Zombies and in another they got nuked.

Now this might seem like a lot of effort to go to for a setting for our games – it makes no difference mechanically after all – but for us to see the narrative of what we are playing, which is the main driving force for our gaming, its crucially important.

It occurs to me as I write this that Ascension would be the sort of place that existed in OASIS as what we are trying to do is create our own game world that just happens to fit in with whatever we are playing at the moment. This thought makes me surprisingly happy.


Plain Sailing its not

This is becoming a worrying trend as its the second week in a row that I’ve failed my FDWHP goals.  Was supposed to make up 3 pieces of post apocalyptic terrain but in the end only made 1, the bio sludge tank


So only 1 point.

Now this isn’t to say that I haven’t been doing hobby because I certainly have.  This week I’ve done the following;

  • Progressed my Dead Mans Hand Gang
  • Designed and built some pirate buildings for use in Blood and Plunder
  • Finished basing and undercoating my 40k stuff from last week
  • Progressed my Dragon Rampant painting competition entry

and finally I ran a 20 odd person gaming event at my house over the weekend – bloody bunch of reprobates.


But frankly that isn’t an excuse.

The whole point of FDWHP is to keep us focused on the things that need doing, rather than just doing ‘hobby’ as without that focus i end up with a million projects started and very few finished.

So this week I shall be cracking on with the following

  • Finish painting one of the models my ChibiMisaki crew
  • Build and Base my Route 666 stuff in preparation for Gaslands
  • Design and Build a church for Father Wilson based on this little beauty for use in Ascension


Lets see how I can get on


Danger, Gaming Brain at Work

Sometimes you just have to go where the muse takes you regardless of if its what you should be working on instead.  Such was the case yesterday afternoon.

Father Wilson ready to smite the ungodly

Matt and I had been talking about getting a game in on Thursday and we were planning on playing The Chicago Way from Great Escape Games.  Good stuff, not actually played it yet but its the same basic engine from Dead Mans Hand which we are very fond of.  However my brain interpreted this as an excuse to desperately want to paint some figures for Dead Mans Hand which is something I have been loathe to do.  Reason being is that my gangs are made up of the excellent sculpts from Black Scorpion which for some reason I find very difficult to paint.  Still when your brain insists on something you have to do it so I found myself yesterday afternoon sitting down to paint the leader of my  DMH gang Father Wilson.


Good job.

Except of course thats not how my brain works, especially with narrative games like DMH.  Oh no, I had to come up with a whole story for Father Wilson.  Why is he in Ascension, who are the rest of his gang and why are they outlaws.  If I didn’t do this then I would just wander around with this nagging feeling in the back of my head that something just wasn’t right and when we next played, it just wouldn’t be as satisfying as it could be.   Does anyone else think like this or is it just me?

Anyhoo, next thing I know is that Father Wilson has a dangerous past and has a child born out of wedlock called Bonnie who is a dab had with a Colt .45  She is accompanied by the lady only known as The Governess and its hard to tell if she is more dangerous with her Winchester Repeater or her parasol.

Bonnie and the Governess

Finally we have the rest of the gang, known as the Righteous (thanks to Conrad for that name) who believe they are doing the Lords work even if what they do is against the laws of man.

The Righteous

Phew, brain satisfied.

Only it wasn’t, I needed an opponent for Father Wilson.  Some low down scumbag whose removal from the face of Gods earth would be a blessing.

Enter El Diablo (known to his friends as Matt)

Fortunately for me Matt shares my madness and gets as involved in the stories we are telling as I do.  Hence the twitter exchange from last night.


Just us then 🙂

Hopefully we will do a battle report or something after the game.


So close yet…….

#FDWHP week 2 was going so well.

Cops – managed to fully finish 8 miniatures and progress the other 19 (yeah, I may have got carried away when I bought them…)

Stripping – all 6 jars were done and minis cleaned off.

Plague Demons…….there was a bit of a difference between plan and actual on Sunday evening.


Drop kids back home

Get back

Have a cuppa

Do weapons


Pick out details


Bask in triumph


Drop kids back home

Make cuppa

Wake up 6 hours later next to a cold coffee and a beard wet from drool

Bugger – only 2 points again………

This week’s #FDWHP will see me with 3 points, dammit!!

1 – Finish Cops

2 – Finish Plague Demons

3- Progress the next unit for Dragon Rampant – 3 Minotaurs


Love and fingers





Iconic Locations

One of the really cool things about Matts plans for Ascension is the inclusion of iconic locations throughout the various periods of gaming that we are going to use it for.

For instance it maybe that the Gallows used by the infamous Hanging Judge (once hanged 17 people in a single day) that forms a centre piece for our Dead Mans Hand games will by the time Fistful of Kung Fu rolls around have just become a treasured landmark – though I imagine in Post Apocalyptic in will be in full use again.

This plan has enabled me to go slightly wild and make actual models for these locations that will form part of the scenery for the games.

Next up for us is going to be a Fistful of Kung Fu game (probably a series of mini games fought out over a day) featuring the Ascension Police Department (totally in the pocket of the evil Parasol Corporation) and the fun loving, wheeling dealing easy riders of Hogans Biker Gang.  This means of course that we need some terrain to match.

First up we have Hogans Bar. Definately nothing illegal going on here, just a bunch of friendly folks going about their day to day business.  A place where you can relax, have an adult beverage and enjoy the company of a friendly companion.


And for Ascensions finest?  Well the Bangles told us where we could find the cops didn’t they 🙂


Oh and the Donut shop is a #FDWHP goal as well, so point for Mikey


Ascension – A town through the ages?

With all the hobby giddiness that I’m sharing with Mike, I got to thinking about about an idea I had a long time ago about a town that would feature heavily through a series of games and rulesets.

An analogy would be looking at what Stephen King did with the town of Derry in the series of books that the wrote during the late 80s and into the 90s. Derry is a mythic town that the created in Maine that served as a backdrop for several of his novels. In itself it wasn’t a ‘character’ or cause of the weird swizzle that happened but it did kinda give a sense of familiarity to the reader.

I came up with the town of Ascension ages ago as a location for my 15mm Zombie project. It was to be the site of the outbreak and the central location for the post apocalyptic gaming that follows. I kinda reintroduced the idea when Mike an I started playing This is not a Test Post Apoc rules and he graciously named the Post Apoc range that he created for The Terrain Shed after it.

Now I’m thinking that this small town on the Texas Mexico border will feature in the narrative of lots of my games from Dead Man’s Hand through to Post Apoc. There will be some notable land marks that can feature throughout and some that can evolve and change of the periods.

First venture will be the painting of the Ascension Police Department as part of this weeks #FDWHP. Perhaps unsurprisingly I have a few more cops than I remembered buying……..