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One and done

Sort of a catchup post this one, so bear with me as its all over the place.

I came to a very odd conclusion this week about 7TV.  Whilst it is a most fantastic game (as I’ve said previously probably the best set of character driven skirmish rules on the market at the moment) its going to prove expensive in both terms of time and money.  Why is this I hear you ask?   Well I didn’t because I’m not Alexa but if I was then I would have heard you.  As an aside is anyone really surprised that these smart devices are listening to you all the time?  I mean how do you think they know when you say ‘Alexa’


So yes, 7TV expensive.

Well its because for each event that I’m doing (and there are 3 this year) I’m painting a new cast – can’t take the same again – and lets be honest, I’m probably not going to use the figures for something else, even if I insist to myself that I am going to.


So for the first event I went to I painted up my Johnny Chan cast but I can’t reuse that for the Pulp event next month so I’ve been working on Dr Möbius and his Robotic Legions.   3 more models to paint for that one.



But then I’ve got another 7TV day towards the end of the year and I can’t take Möbius again – people will have seen it – so I’ll have to do another cast.

Fortunately of course I have plenty of models so its really just the painting that will need to be done – oh and coming up with a suitable concept (which I am still struggling with)

In other news Matt and I went to our first Dragon Rampant event at Board in Brum.  Was really good fun with lots of wacky events and scenarios playing out – numbers were slightly disapointing but it didn’t affect the gaming one jot, just means its less likely to run again 🙁  Also hell froze over and Matt won the event.  Yes you read that right and no, he hasn’t stopped going on about it. IMG_3725.jpg

Next month its 7TV Pulp along with Burrows and Badgers.  Oh and at the end of the month its MAGE.  Busy.

Finally I did a test last night to make sure all the podcasting plumbing is still working as I was harassed (harassed I tell you) at WHW yesterday to get recording again. Never one to upset people we are hoping to try and do something this week – its difficult as Matt is travelling a lot but we do still have a lot to say and as we get older we get even more opinionated.  You really don’t want to get me started on the amount of spoonfeeding that gamers seem to need these days.

Oh look out, I’ve started …





Time for the second game in our small Dragon Rampant campaign, can Boris get away with the loot or is he going to learn that the Nipponese are not as much of a pushover that he thought?

Scenario Two – Wagons Ho!

Following the successful village raid, Boris’s warriors are transporting the results of their pillaging back to the main barbarian camp.  The wagons are slow however and from the hills surrounding the path, vengeful eyes look on.


The table should be set up so a road runs along the length of the table 6” wide.  Hills, woods, building etc. should cover the remaining table, the denser the better.

One wagon model per loot counter will be required



The winners of Scenario One deploy the wagon models on the road in a line, one wagon should be touching the edge and then a 3” gap between each wagon.  They then deploy their units so that each unit is within 6” of at least one wagon.

The ambusher deploys with their units touching a table edge on the second half of the table.

The defender has the same units they had in Scenario One.

The attacker has any units that were not destroyed in scenario one together with an additional 18 points of support.

Wagons will automatically move 6” forward at the start of the defenders turn unless an ambushing unit is within 1”

Ambushers can attempt to capture a wagon on an 8+ roll If a wagon is captured defender may capture it back by putting a unit in btb with the wagon – it is assumed a new driver takes over.

If a wagon is captured by the ambusher then it stops moving.


  • Ambusher gains 2 Glory for each wagon retrieved
  • Defender gains 3 Glory for each wagon that exits the far end of the table

Normal glory quests are also used in this game.

Game ends when either all the wagons have left the table or have been captured

Boris Smash

As you will have seen from Matts latest article we have kicked off our regular Monday gaming sessions with the first battle in our mini Dragon Rampant campaign.  As expected, Boris unleashed hell on the small unsuspecting village and his warriors, ably led by his wife, walked away with all the treasure, leaving a few battered and beaten defenders to face the wrath of their liege lord.

We decided that we would create 60 point armies and then pick units from that pool for each game that we played

Boris has the following pool to choose from

  • Boris BearRider (Elite Riders, Level Headed, Blessed Weapons)
  • Sons of Crom (Bellicose Foot)
  • Witches of Stygia (Bellicose Foot, Spellcaster)
  • Mamas Boys (Bellicose Foot, Fearful, Terrifically Shiny Armour)
  • The Jotun (Heavy Infantry, Offensive)
  • The Steeds of Nabol (Heavy Cavalry)
  • Thruds (Heavy Infantry, Offensive, Enchanted Weapons)
  • The Tribe (Light Missiles)
  • Hounds of Lod (Lesser Warbeasts)
  • Hruk (Greater Warbeast, Ponderous,Fear)


and for this initial raid he used

  • Sons of Crom (Bellicose Foot)
  • Mamas Boys (Bellicose Foot, Fearful, Terrifically Shiny Armour)
  • The Jotun (Heavy Infantry, Offensive)
  • The Steeds of Nabol (Heavy Cavalry)
  • Hounds of Lod (Lesser Warbeasts)


As I said above the game ended up in a victory for Boris’s forces but it was not without a cost as The Sons of Crom will enter the next battle Fearful.  They do have 3 Will of the God Points though as do the Mamas Boys so a couple more successful things could see them gaining a reroll.

The next scenario will see the treasures being taken back to the main encampment whilst the forces of Tetsuo try to redeem themselves for their previous failures and hope than their lords steely gaze doesn’t fall on them.

Boris SMASH!!!!!

Oh and if you ever thought that Matt had a slight Samurai obsession, then the table he was able to put together won’t disavow you of that 🙂


Narrative Gaming

I’ve talked in the past on various audios about how I have to see the narrative of a game unfolding like a movie for me to get fully involved in it.  Those cinematic moments when the fate of the world (or at least the game) is held in the balance.  Its one of the reasons I am a big fan of Dead Mans Hand as the whole structure of the game lends itself to those moments, normally, it must be said, involving Matts protagonist dying in horrible ways.

This is part (a large part) of the reason I have fallen out of love with playing tournament Malifaux, I’m just not seeing that story anymore, its become almost mechanical to me.  Its also, I believe, the reason I don’t get on with games such as Guildball or Warmachine,  the rulesets are designed with event play in mind and thus the mechanics used don’t help with the cinematic moments in the way that DMH or 7TV do.

Which sort of brings me to the point of this post.  As I said the other day Matt and I are embarking on a 6 week campaign of Dragon Rampant with our own custom scenarios to provide that narrative element.  Now Dragon Rampant is an excellent framework for making your own stories, the generic nature of the units enables you to fully express your army the way you want to do, but it doesn’t have the ongoing narrative element that would take it to the next level (of storytelling, not game wise)

So being an old school gamer I have done what old school gamers tend to do, I’ve written up some extra rules that we are going to try out to add that ongoing element.

Now I’m not sure if these will work or not –  we won’t find that out until we play the campaign – but I’ve run them past Matt and he says he like them so thats at least part of the job done.

So for your reading pleasure, i present to you

The purpose of these is to encourage players to build a narrative for their forces over a series of games and help create those epic tales for nights down the pub going ‘Do you remember when …”

NOTE: Some of these rules apply different traits to the units.  These traits do not cost any points (and in the case of Fearful do not make the unit cost less)


  • Every unit that is destroyed must roll a d6. On a 3+ the unit can be used normally in the next game.  On a 1 or 2 however the unit gains the Fearful Rule for its next battle.  The unit will retain the Fearful rule until it survives a battle.  If the unit started with the Fearful rule then it will make future tests at -2
  • If one of your units is destroyed by the same enemy unit in two games then then enemy unit now causes Fear against the destroyed unit. However the destroyed unit is out for revenge and now has Hatred against the unit that destroyed it.


When things are going for you it can feel like you have the gods on your side.  It would be lovely if this was true J

Every time a unit achieves one of the following things it receives a Will of The Gods point (WotG)

  • Wins a combat
  • Gains Glory
  • Recovers from being battered (the gods must be on your side)

Between games units can trade in WotG points for a once per game reroll (dice can only be rerolled once, second result stands even if worse, you know, usual sort of thing) according to this table.  Obviously the reroll can only be used on the unit that is spending the WotG points

  • 1st Reroll costs 5 WotG
  • 2nd Reroll costs 10 WotG
  • 3rd and subsequent rerolls cost 20 WotG

You may also trade in 10 WotG points to add an optional extra to the unit – so for example a unit of Bellicose Foot could trade in 10 WotG points to equip themselves with Terrifically Shiny Armour

Let me know you thoughts please, or suggestions for other things we could add