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Busy Busy


With the demise of FDWHP I have been able to flit between projects this week, completing next to nothing but still getting a lot done.

First up was working on 7TV stuff that will be used in the Butterfly House next year as I finally pulled the trigger on a basing scheme.  I had been going back and forth on using transparent bases but in the end just decided to go sands and tufts so that they matched in with everything else that I have been working on recently.  This meant I was finally able to finish off the Lvl 1 security grunts and made decent progress on the lvl2s as well.


Then I finished up another Chibi in the form of Sensei Yu for my Chibi based Malifaux crew.  Have to say I am very pleased with how this one has come out and the crew as a whole is looking very nice.

I’ve committed to actually playing in an event with them in October (Joel and Eless are running a Halloween based story encounter) and it would be nice to have them fully painted by then.  I’ve started on the next two models but unfortunately Basketheads paint job all went horribly wrong so into the paint stripper he went.   TBF this is not an unusual occurance for my painting, its got to be right otherwise why bother.

Then the week turned into a basing and undercoating extravaganza as the Draculas America Nickstarter turned up – expect a review when we next record – and bits for a new OGAM / DR force arrived as well.


Thats a lot of figures.

What else?  Oh yes played a game of Massive Darkness with Matt and my eldest daughter, expect to hear a lot more about this in the future as we really really liked it.  I’m a sucker for dungeon crawls at the best of times and this one has some excellent mechanics to it.  Seen some stuff online saying its pretty easy but if it is we must be doing something wrong as we were dead halfway through the dungeon.

Finally I did some work for Terrain Shed in the form of another building for the Rum and Villainy range (pirates).  I was hoping to get it finished this week but frankly thats looking unlikely as I’m off on my summer holidays with the family.  Stupid real lives getting in the way of hobby time.IMG_0239.JPG

Right, will be posting from the beach next.  Laterz



So apparently the last time I wrote something here was July 19th. I’ve had a very up and down time since then. Some of you may know that my youngest sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer and has been undergoing chemo for the last few months. I got to see my sister for the first time in a good while and I must have given something away in my body language because her response was “yes it’s a bit of a shock”. She was shaven headed and had put a fair amount of weight on. She looked well though which is a good thing. My mother died of cancer so seeing someone else family wise going through this is when I think about it now …. an experience that I would not wish on others. One of my friends and colleagues from work whilst I was at GE Healthcare had cancer of the anus. His character was such that he would joke about it (and he had this attitude despite having gone through his wife having cancer years before and getting through it all). He joked about trying to go to the toilet after his anus had been bombarded with radiation – a painful experience. The good news is that my sister today has finished her chemo. There has been very big reductions in the cancer and they will be moving on to surgery in September. The other positive thing is that they have talked about curing rather than treating during the various consultations that she has had – a mark of catching it early.

With my current job role based in Southend-on-Sea, I’ve found myself more and more in the evenings being dog tired. This unfortunately means less hobby which is frustrating as well as I love the hobby and gaming. Being realistic though about how much I can hammer my own body is something I have had to come to terms with these last few years. Falling asleep at the wheel driving at 70mph regularly is not a good thing and so trying to get to bed at a decent time in a moderately calm state fooling my brain in to thinking that I have achieved what I needed to in an evening is a trick I have had to learn. Essentially its about being realistic and managing expectations. If I’m too tired, then I’m too tired. There is no point in pushing myself to the point of exhaustion. The good news is that I am moving my role to London. Not a new job, I’m still looking for that to get me to where I was from a salary perspective to where I was at 2014 rather than earning a salary that I was earning in my 30s – but it is a job! So if you need a very good Scrum Master in London – I’m your man! Moving the job to London should mean that I cut my traveling time down hopefully getting at least an hour back of my evening/day. I’m hoping that I will have more energy and more time and clearly this means HoBBy!!!

With Mike dropping the “pseudo competitive” nature of #FDWHP (a good thing IMHO), this becomes a blog about hobby and whats going on in our lives as such. I have blatantly not moved on with the 2nd platoon of Brits for Bolt Action. I have built an Isengard troll for my slowly emerging LoTR force. I need to build some more Warg Riders for this to move to roughly 500 points and then I can potentially have a game too!

I’ve had my first game of Mythos with my gaming buddy Nigel. My initial thoughts were, is this a Malifaux substitute? I’m not playing ‘faux at present. I have no interest in the game. I have no idea where my mojo for the game has gone. However, after reading the Mythos rule book (yes we got a few things wrong) and scenarios, posting some questions on the Facebook group/page and getting answers from Gav at Paranoid Miniatures, I am definitely interested in the game and will look to be putting some paint on the figures at some point soon (honest)! The game is definitely worth a look folks so go check it out.

And then came 40k 8th edition. I  purchased the rulebook as it was clearly something I wanted to get back in to. I flicked through the rulebook and smelt the pages – new book smell is lovely! I then ummed and aarghed over what faction I would look to play. Initially my thoughts were with Tau. I love their vehicles and flyers. However as I looked more and more at their troops and suits (apart from Kroot which I love), I was not excited by the range. I have to be engaged with the models and excited or it means I wont be playing or enthused about the game. I mentioned this to my various friend groups and Mr Spooner came up with the eminently sensible idea (2 in the same year Matt!) of going Marines but specifically Imperial Fists to link in with my Epic army. As the club I attend (Tanelorn Wargames Club) is looking to run a combined 40k and Epic narrative campaign later this year, this seemed like a brilliant idea and I started to get excited. I played my first game borrowing my friend Nick’s Space Wolves but using them as generic Marines. I enjoyed the game but was playing versus Nick’s Eldar (filth!). What amazed me most about the game was the simplicity of the ruleset and yet the level of tactical challenge still coming about by the rules, the armies and the scenarios. Since that time I have had another game as normal marines before switching to using the space wolves as space wolves. In the meantime I was pouring over the GW site looking at marines and became more and more aware of the fact that I was not happy with marines as a faction. The figures were not doing it for me despite the Imperial Fist idea.

The new club venue (EXP Leisure) now has a gaming shop associated with it, namely Magic Madhouse. You may already have used them to buy sleeves or CCG folders for your ‘faux cards. I know I have. Little did I realise but these chaps do tabletop stuff too and as they had the new combined codexes at the shop at the club, I was able to flick through them. They also had the Space Marines starter set, something I was considering buying for the Imperial Fists but had gone off. They also had a Skitarii Starter set too. As soon as I saw the dunecrawler and the look of the models, I felt excited. I found these guys in the Imperial 2 book and looked at them – the Adeptus Mechanicus. I asked Nigel if these guys were any good and he said yes. Looking over the pictures of some of the units (how good do electro priests look!!) it became very clear to me that this was the faction I would be collecting. I bought the Imperial 2 book and so wanted to buy the Skitarii Starter set but stopped myself. 2 days later I bought it. All I want to do is build the stuff so I can play a 1000pt game.

I’ve been selling stuff on ebay with a view to using the monies to fund the new 40k army. I can tell you that some of that has happened now and building has started. The Swedish Chef Tech Priest Dominus has been built and today I started to build the Skitarii Rangers leader – the alpha.

Its been interesting building GW plastic kits compared to the Wyrd plastic kits. I had my first experience recently with the Isengard troll. That was plastic. The first thing I noticed was mould line. I hate mould lines and despite the technology and material, it was still there. Apart from that, getting parts to not have gaps is something I will need to pay attention too more or I am going to have use the liquid green stuff or fill!

Moving on to the 40k stuff, its pretty much the same thoughts but at least I have parts that I can hold and not lose forever (queue Tan Po’s beard jokes – not Yan Lo!)

I’d like to begin painting again but I think in all honesty I will be building until I have enough to play a game with the Adeptus Mechanicus. I’m also worried that with the driving too and from work, my left had (the one I had surgery on last year) has started to get some severe burning sensations and pins and needles. I’m going to have to go to the quacks about it as painting (when I am in the zone) is hugely rewarding and relaxing for me.

Thats me done for now. All hail the Omnissiah.

Giving Up

The purpose of FDWHP was to bring some focus to our flighty minds and keep us concentrated on getting stuff done.  An lofty aim when you have a million and one hobby projects on the go at any one time.

However for me it has turned into a millstone around my neck and is actually preventing me from doing any hobby as I look at the tasks that I am supposed to be doing and then look at what I actually want to do on any particular day and finding they don’t align at all.

Which means I don’t do what I am supposed to be doing but also don’t do what I want to be doing which just leads to nothing getting done.

Hopeless all round.

Its like the stupidness of making New Years resolutions every week.  Start off with great intentions but ultimately nothing happens.

So for me at least I’m done with the concept.  Work on what you want and paint what you want when you want.

I’ll still be updating every week on what hobby I’ve done, I just won’t be predetermining what I am going to work on.



Every day, in every way…

Better week for me this week. Got the DMH stuff written and published .

Expect the Ascension Tribune to be reporting on incidents through the ages.

Got the point of Saga Knights done too.


And got a couple of units of Tau built. Have written the post but just seeking some photos…half points are a thing, right?


This week sees me with an urge to do lots of different things across several systems so focus may be an issue! No bloody change there then!

1) Work out a 50PL Tau force and get it assembled and based

2) Paint some more Saga Crusaders

3) Paint and work on some Samurai scenery

Hopefully I have a bit of time at home over the next couple of weeks and get get a good chunk of stuff done………bwahahahaha!

Snogs and spanking


Progress means Progress

So this FDWHP is more of a guideline right? These are things I might do.  Maybe.  Perhaps.  If something else doesn’t come along.  Thats how we couched it right?


Oh OK then, another week another failure.

Not horrendously as I did manage to paint one Chibi to a finish and made good solid progress on 2 more, got a lot of paint onto Father Wilsons followers and even started to put some basecoats down on a Burrows and Badger miniature (a lovely Ferret Rogue) .  Still it wasn’t what I said I would be doing as, per usual, stuff happened.


Pirates arrived for Blood and Plunder (found some lovely Elizabethan models from Foundry that I decided to use), some new buildings got made, Skyrim got in the way (Bad Skyrim)



Oh and that Dragon Rampant painting entry I talked about last week.  Yeah didn’t get that done either.

This week it will be all different.  Honest.

  1.  Finish 2 Chibis (different ones from last week)
  2. Do two more pirate type buildings, probably a stables and a hacienda
  3. More DMH progress – they are getting close to finished and having that whole genre locked down will be a big thing.

Right that should do.



Not getting any better……

So even though I chose some really simple targets for last week, I only managed to get one of them done.

Saga Warlord for my Crusaders completed, based on a 50x50mm GW base with hand painted banner and shields.

Nothing else done due to work, life and shitty hotel wifi.

This week,

  1. I will try and complete the battle report from Mike and my game of DMH
  2. Finish at least 1 point of these bloody Crusaders
  3. Write the first blog post for my Tau and assemble at least 1 unit of miniatures for it.

We have Summer Showdown coming up at Wayland this week, but I have no desire to play at the moment, symptomatic of falling out of love with wanting to play Malifaux at present. Perhaps I need to find another game to play at events………..40k? Kings of War? Saga? I like to get out and play and dont really care about winning or losing but need something to act as a painting driver.

Love ya



A worrying trend

I’m not sure I like this.  After starting out strongly this was another week where I didn’t complete my FDWHP goals.

I managed two of them as Father Wilson now has a lovely church to call his own


and my Route 666 stuff is based and undercoated ready for Gaslands


bet despite having 3 days to finish one model I just had no painting mojo and didn’t paint a model for my Chibaki crew.

But then you get weeks like that, where you just don’t feel like picking up a paint brush and doing anything with that side of the hobby.  Its the most time consuming and skill intensive thing that we as hobbyists do – the closest to pure art – and you have to be feeling it or the outcomes will just end up in a pot of paintstripper.

I am feeling it this week though so think i will make my goals all painting related – the kids are on summer holidays so hiding in the office sounds like an excellent plan to me.

Right then

  1. Paint 2 Chisaki Models
  2. Paint a Burrows and Badgers test model
  3. Progress my DMH gang.

In between that lot I need to push on with my Dragon Rampant facebook group competition entry.

Wonder how spectacularly well i can fail at that.




again with that salty cheese…..

I did quite a lot of hobby this week.

I painted some of my DMH Mexicans that have sat untouched for months (stupid Mike and his influential blog post).

I built and undercoated and then based an entirely new Malifaux crew while at the event at Mike’s.

I played games of Malifaux and DMH.

Yeah……none of those are finishing Crusaders……

Thats 2 crap weeks of accomplishment and as Mike said, this is about focus and completion rather than just achieving hobby.

I have a very busy couple of weeks in the new job which see me away from home for 7 of the next 12 days so I have picked carefully for the next week.

1 – Finish my Saga Warlord

2 – Progress the 3 points of Saga knights towards completion

3 – Write up the DMH battle report and an opening blog post for my Tau narrative for the 40K campaign.

Also failed to lose any weight due to the masses of BBQ food over the weekend…….double drat!!

Plain Sailing its not

This is becoming a worrying trend as its the second week in a row that I’ve failed my FDWHP goals.  Was supposed to make up 3 pieces of post apocalyptic terrain but in the end only made 1, the bio sludge tank


So only 1 point.

Now this isn’t to say that I haven’t been doing hobby because I certainly have.  This week I’ve done the following;

  • Progressed my Dead Mans Hand Gang
  • Designed and built some pirate buildings for use in Blood and Plunder
  • Finished basing and undercoating my 40k stuff from last week
  • Progressed my Dragon Rampant painting competition entry

and finally I ran a 20 odd person gaming event at my house over the weekend – bloody bunch of reprobates.


But frankly that isn’t an excuse.

The whole point of FDWHP is to keep us focused on the things that need doing, rather than just doing ‘hobby’ as without that focus i end up with a million projects started and very few finished.

So this week I shall be cracking on with the following

  • Finish painting one of the models my ChibiMisaki crew
  • Build and Base my Route 666 stuff in preparation for Gaslands
  • Design and Build a church for Father Wilson based on this little beauty for use in Ascension


Lets see how I can get on


Progress Report Suh!

So how did I do last week? Not very well is the answer. I managed to progress the Brits a little more but a lot less than I anticipated. I did progress so as far as I am concerned, thats a win!

As far as the whole Relic Knights bit is concerned, well my gaming buddy Nigel cancelled on me so that meant not only did I not play test a game, I also did not cut out and sleeve my RK cards. Still no matter, there will be a new iteration of the cards and rules so no doubt I will have to do it again sometime soon.

So that week I reckon only 1 pt.

On to another week – well actually I am 2 weeks behind in posting here so I should give you an update on last week and this week really.

Last week I was pretty wiped out in the evenings. I did absolutely no painting. I did achieve one thing which was on my list of things to do. This is hopefully an enabler for more hobby at a later day. I have put a load of stuff up on ebay. Anyone who does ebay knows what a PITA it is. Take the photos on the phone, download or email the photos to yourself, save them, write the ebay advert, use the photo, yada, yada, yada. Anyway its done and I have a load of WFB army books (dont even know what edition of WFB these are for any more!) as well as a load of AD&D role playing modules from way back in the 80s. The lots are doing very well so for me this is a great thing.

In addition last week I wanted to make a start on looking at a game system that I have been itching to play for a while now, namely GW’s Lord of The Rings. Of course this also includes The Hobbit too now. So I have borrowed some of the Army Books off my friend Nigel and looked at what I have to figures wise stored in the garage. I’ve decided to go for Isengard as an evil force initially and very probably Elves of some sort as a good force but also once the Isengard force is up and running. Having made this decision I have started to look at what I have and what I need to do get a 300-500pt force up and running to at the very least have a game. I love the imagery from the LoTR films and it just so happens I already have Lurtz and some Uruk-Hai painted by my fair hand a while ago.


Hey they are not brilliant but they have paint on them and they are gloss varnished and flock based. All this can be fixed relatively easily but thats once I’ve had a few games and the enthusiasm is really there. In the meantime, I’ve had a look at forces and what I need to build. I started the building last week – a warg rider.

So I did not specify what I was going to do, I’m late but I did stuff so I reckon last week I deserve 3pts!

This week (wk commencing 10th July) my aims are to ensure the ebay stuff gets packed and posted, finish building the warg riders and try to progress the Brits a little bit more. This is going to be a hard ask as I have a pretty heavy load at work this week, we are going out with my sister and husband who are over from Australia on Wednesday and my stepdaughters birthday is this week and we are going out for a family meal on Thursday evening. I’m also still actively looking for a new job so that eats in to my time and I am still coming home knackered! Oh and we are going to move the wargaming club that I am involved with to it’s new venue on Saturday too! Perhaps that should be a goal!

One thing I do know is that tonight I finished constructing 3 warg riders so I am definitely going to be getting points for them. I have another box of these which I can add as a goal for next week!